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robert Lauriault

Sabal palmetto new growth anomaly

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robert Lauriault

I have a cabbage palm, eight feet of clear trunk, approximately twenty-five years old from a natural seeding, growing immediately adjacent to the front porch of my log cabin built on block pilings in 1985.  This winter and spring the tree began producing new growth abnormally. Instead of growing fronds on the usual extended petioles,  all the new fronds are clustered tightly together as one sees on newly transplanted cabbage palms in full sun (my tree is in 60 percent shade under deciduous bald cypress). The only events that I can imagine that could have had any impact on the tree are (1) my roofer made some minor repairs to my porch roof and cut off the fronds that were overhanging the roof and (2) the periphery of my house was treated, as usual, with a pesticide to control roaches and other insects. The removed fronds represented no more than thirty percent of the total crown.  I have a dense stand of gingers on both sides of the palm and these show no change in appearance and seem to be growing well. 

Anyone have any ideas?

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First of all this should be in the general discussion forum.  Second, can you please post photos

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    • Jono Miller
      By Jono Miller
      Regarding the length of roots on cabbage palms, Wade and Langdon cite Sargent (1933) as follows: 
      ". . .with a short pointed knob-like under ground stem surrounded by a dense mass of contorted roots often 4° or 5° in diameter and 5° or 6° deep, from which tough light orange-colored roots often nearly 1/2' in diameter penetrate the soil for a distance of 15° or 20°, "   On the other hand,  at a palm workshop I was told cabbage palms can have roots 40 or 50 feet long.   My own observations on eroding beaches and banks suggests 15' or 20' is definitely too short.  See image from Cedar Key.   Does anyone have a personal observation or citation for Sabal palmetto root length other than Sargent?   

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      I visited Erna Nixon park today for my first time. I've seen a lot of Florida wild land, but I was really amazed by the quality of the old growth vegetation in this little park. It's not more than 15-20 minutes from my house, but it's just far enough inland to have a completely different vibe. Whereas the hammock hike in Archie Car 15 miles south of my house is dominated by gumbo limbo and strangler figs, this park has zero strangler figs (at least none that I saw), zero gumbo limbo, but there are absolutely massive live oaks festooned with multiple species of epiphytes. My favorite aspect of the park is the quality of its palms, many of which are growing directly out of the water. I wish I had taken more photos, but my kids were acting up, and I only got one good shot. This picture has both S. Palmetto and S. Repens (blue variety) growing out of marshy, fern-covered ground. Look closely, and you can see there are actually a few red leaves proving it's actually fall this far inland.

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