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Recommendations for freeze damage

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I’m looking for thoughts and recommendations on my palms. I have 7 California fan palms (I think that’s what they are!). I’m in TEXAS (Fort Hood area) and the freeze in February was sad. The fronds all immediately went pale brown when we thawed (some fronds had snapped from the snow/ice weight) and I was advised to just wait 4-6 weeks before trimming any away. I trimmed many dead fronds away 2 weeks ago and have noticed the black fungus/mold problem starting. I began testing to see if the spears would pull and sure enough they have and the poor things have terrible rot down at least 2 feet into the heart. I just treated for the first time using H202 (3% solution) and sprayed down all the trimmed fronds that are discolored and poured it into the heart trying to coat all surfaces.  Is this futile? Should I try copper fungicide? Am I doing the H202 treatment correctly? 

Wondering if I it’s appropriate to try and cut back/surgeries these things and how that would be done? Or if we just plan to cut them down. I’ve heard waituntil August to be sure they aren’t going to come back? 

See pictures (I moved here 3 hrs ago and know little to nothing about palm care)








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IMHO, it is a little bit late but we do what we can.

Here is what I would do:

1. I would treat it weekly with copper fungicide with a some neem oil fungicide.  You can buy both in HomeDepot or Lowes.

2. I would protect the crown from rain/water. For example, put PAPER bag when raining. Don't use any plastic foils. 

3.  Don't do anything stressful for the palm, for example, heavy fertilizing etc. 

4. Surgery: some people recommend, some don't.  :) a big controversy.


The palm may be so damage, it will die no matter what you do :(


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