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    • Aidandp
      By Aidandp
      Just wondering, according to plantmaps it is zone 8b-9a
    • The7thLegend
      By The7thLegend
      My Common Queen & Silver Queen var. litoralis comparison
      Been growing both palms at the same location in Lake City (borderline 8b/9a) since 2008.  The common queen was planted as a 7 gallon on the south side, the Silver Queen on the north side as a seedling.  There are oaks 100ft to the north that disrupt the cold northern winds some.
      Couple quick thoughts.  The Silver Queen took off the last 2 years and began trunking this year.  The common Queen has had a trunk and been fattening a while now… yet they’re both about the same height today.  The common Queen has bloomed, the Silver Queen has not.  The Silver Queen was moved 2 times, once as a seedling and again as approx 1 gallon size palm.
      Some of the more notable differences:
      - Silver Queen has more flat/stiff leaflets, common Queen more droopy/plumose 
      - Silver Queen has a more stiff compact crown.  Common Queen more loose and fluffy.
      - Silver Queen leaflets have a darker green, slight blue hue.  Common Queen is more green to medium green.
      - Much more Tomentum on the Silver Queen.  (perhaps added crown insulation) 
      - Leaf bases slightly darker purple on my Silver Queen
      As for the biggest factor, cold tolerance, from what I can tell the Silver Queen may be only slightly hardier.  Both have experienced some very cold temperatures without protection, 18/19 for a low, many low to mid 20s (2010) and some icy rain (2018).  I haven’t been able to observe initial damage and recovery while I was in Jax but I do have some additional progression and cold damage pics I may post later.  From what I can tell, leaf damage seems to be slower on the Silver Queen.  Also I did lose 1 Silver Queen seedling and 1 three gallon common Queen either after 2008 or 2010 from the cold.
      Bottom line, I would say the Silver Queen var. litoralis is not a viable palm to grow anywhere in zone 8b without protection.  However if you’re a warm 8b and borderline, you probably can be successful growing this palm a while.
      Common Queen 2008

      Silver Queen 2008

      Common Queen 2020

      Silver Queen 2020

    • Aidandp
      By Aidandp
      Anybody know if I could grow some queen or even king palms in Brookings Oregon (Zone 9b) would coconut trees be off limits?
    • clevelandtropicsmaybe
      By clevelandtropicsmaybe
      So I just dug up 2 queen palm seedlings here in north Florida and plan on taking them back to ohio. Does anyone think that these ones have a chance of surviving inside during the winter? 
    • DAVEinMB
      By DAVEinMB
      Well some of you may have seen in another thread that I am the proud new owner of a small queen palm.  So I'm second guessing my planting location (par for the course) and wanted to get some additional opinions on whether or not I'm setting it up for failure. 
      The first two pics were taken this morning at 10:30 and show how shaded the area still is. It gets good sun all afternoon but my fear is without morning sun it may struggle. The good thing with this location is that it's nestled in a little cove between some larger palms, retaining wall and the neighbors fence. The last three pics show the potential new location. It would be up against the house and next to the HVAC unit. This is an east facing wall that gets morning sun but very little the rest of the day. The dryer vents out in this area as well which could be beneficial I suppose. I've planted some bamboo as a wind break and could plant more if needed. 

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