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Are theses Dypsis madagascariensis v mahajanga seedlings?

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I germinated these seedlings several years ago. They are still tiny but hanging in there. I still have dozens of them. I believe they are D. madagascariensis v mahajanga but I need confirmation from a Dypsis afficionado. I got the seeds from @NatureGirl back in 2018 or so. They are maddeningly slow growing as some Dypsis are but are surprisingly resilient. They stay outdoors in the shade year round and get no protection from the elements. I have dozens of them I am looking to sell as I don't have time and energy to keep herding them around.

Are these D. mad v mahajanga?


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They look like it, lots of volunteers under my tree.


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I got some from @NatureGirl a few years ago as well.  I moved them around (poor planning) a few times so they didn't take off much, but now being in the same spot both seem to be faster than average growth.  I have one in the back and one in the front.  I expect them to double in size by winter time.  







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