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Encephalartos lehmannii in Florida

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Hey everyone,

I need some advice about my En. Lehmannii. Have it in a good mix of soil and a tall 5 gallon plastic black pot with 60% or more of perlite and 30% cactus and palm potting mix and garden mix from Lowes. I just want to know if my New plant will Thrive! It is in a spot where the morning sun continues until 3pm with some afternoon sun here and there. My back yard has dogs but they do not eat plants. So my dog and plant are safe. Could any one tell me if I'm doing right by the plant and if it will turn green. I will bring in the plant in heavy storms if possible. I just want my plant to grow and be happy for years. Plus I have a dioon spinulosum  pup with roots in a similar type of soil just more organic 50/50.  Let me know if they look good or not. IMG_0800.thumb.jpg.798a57395719c06104f7d1c139f01a78.jpgPlease thank you. Its my first time on a forum.IMG_5144.thumb.jpg.27c964ebd530fcbe40e32960a0e4d1f2.jpgIMG_5145.thumb.jpg.fdd478760014011233908ec194d4e3ab.jpgIMG_0757.thumb.jpg.a8aa70c1c70712bb1ee7271d4393c3a9.jpgIMG_0756.thumb.jpg.1866d668292c66ab0dfd72ed981adee4.jpgIMG_5143.thumb.jpg.2a93c01016035eab83d3d113db02733f.jpg

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Steve Mac

Hi Piri welcome to the forum. I hope that someone can help you more than I can,

but those Cycads look great. 

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Hi! Like Steve posted, yes indeed, they look fine!

For more accurate information you should post it on the Off Topic Forums, precisely on "Tropical Looking Plants - Other Than Palms" forum.

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Both cycads look great. Get them on a steady supply of fertilizer, and you’ll get at least one flush of new leaves every year. Slow release is best. 

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