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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I pulled some of the purple seeds off my Burretiokentia hapala, cleaned them and dropped them in a zip lock baggy with some damp perlite and sphagnum moss.  I'm using a little heat, wrapping the bag in foil and leaving it on top of my water heater).  I'm curious what typical sprouting time is on this species if anyone has used this technique with this species. 

    • parsons acre
      By parsons acre
      Hey eveyrone.. NW Piedmont NC here with a yard full of yet to be identified Sabals that have been growing on their own.. with no assistance whatsoever and have 'naturalized' or that is the term the Ag 
      Agency uses.. anyway... I am thinking about selling some seeds online this year since they come up everyewhere cracks in sidewalks, downspouts.. all over the lawn.. along the creek,, point is they are super hardy thing is i do not know when or how to start collecting some of them. thanks
    • EvanM
      By EvanM
      Hi y’all, new to Palmtalk, currently have a Phoenix roebelenii and a Chamaerops humilis in outdoor pots at home (zone 8a, the Phoenix is garaged during winter nights). I’m looking to add a (low-maintenance) office palm to the mix. Office situation is as follows:
      - One large, east facing window (whose blinds I keep closed, so it’s rather dark).
      - AC is run at night during the summer, turned off during the day. I don’t run the heat in the winter, but my coworkers run theirs, so my office stays above 60 or so.
      Is there anything meeting these criteria? If not, what do I need to change? I’ve heard Chamaedorea elegans is pretty rugged, would that be a good plant to start with for the office?
    • Will
      By Will
      I planted some Sabal minor and Jubaea chilensis seeds around 2 months ago. They havent germinated yet, thats why I would like to ask if I did something wrong. Is it the way I try to germinate them? Maybe the moisture in the box? Do they need light to germinate?
      So many questions 

    • Darwinpalmlover
      By Darwinpalmlover
      Hi all...I am looking to see if anyone has any fresh C.Renda seeds available.
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