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Cyrtostachys renda semi-hydro experiment

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Hey guys!

I bought a small (7") c. renda seedling from Hawaii about 10 months ago and have been trying to keep it happy here in my Seattle apartment.  It's definitely had some ups and downs but I finally have it in a setup that it actually seems to like and wanted to share it on here. It's been in this new pot and setup for approx. 4 months now and it's FINALLY starting to push out new growth.

I have it potted in a 10" lechuza classico self watering planter.  It's planted in a homemade pon mixture composed of equal parts white pumice, black lava rock, red lava rock, (all of these 1/4" size), akadama, and zeolite.  I keep the reservoir in the planter constantly full with filtered water, and I take out the inner pot weekly to flush the substrate and rinse away any salt buildup.  Once monthly I'll replace the water in the reservoir and add a half strength dose of FloraGro 2-1-6 hydroponic nutrient solution.

I've also added a 6" wide seedling heat mat to keep the root structure from getting too cold (winter in Seattle can be very tricky).  I basically wrapped/duct taped it around the inner lechuza container so it's warming the root structure and ran the power cord out the watering hole. (see picture)  I have it positioned next to my work desk with a mild red/blue grow light directly next to it.

After a bumpy first 6 months it seems like she's finally happy, I'm noticing new leaf spikes on three of four trunks and they are coming in at a decent growth rate.  The red color is also starting to develop nicely on the largest trunk.  Anyway, just wanted to share my grow with you guys!  It's definitely my most intricate/experimental setup, I'll keep this thread updated with her progress over the coming year :D

I always love to see how people are growing this palm indoors so please add pics and descriptions of what has/hasn't worked for those of you who have experience with it!  Thanks for looking :)


Seattle, WA







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Still anxious to see how your Kentias do. Once we warm up, I'm thinking about buying a Bloem window box planter and plopping a bunch of kentia seedlings in LECA and seeing what happens. 

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Hey John, unfortunately the nursery I bought the howea seedlings from improperly identified them and it turns out they are actually areca palm seedlings.  They're doing fine in the leca but aren't actually kentias haha, good thing I like dypsis as well haha.

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    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Ok. So I mentioned in another thread I tested positive for Covid, so I've got some time off of work and I've got a few projects. 
      @DoomsDave sent me a bunch of C. Radicalis seeds. The last time I tried to do anything with seeds, I was a kid trying to grow illegal substances. Didn't work. Let's hope this goes better. 
      Also going to split up my 3 clumps of C. Elegans and plop them into these 3" pots and give most of them to my staff at work. I'm gonna keep the biggest ones for myself because I'm a jerk. 
      Also gonna try a semi hydro experiment with this Majesty. Bought a pot that doesn't drain and a bunch of LECA. From what I've read on here, it should be pretty basic - water a lot and add diluted liquid fertilizer, and I'm hoping it adds enough weight to the plant because this thing blows over every time the wind blows. 
      Also going to dose my L. Ramsayi and C. Macrocarpa with some Superthrive because they're still struggling to acclimate. 
      Maybe after that I'll teach myself how to put images in-line in a post vs just posting attachments 

    • PsyPalm
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      I recently picked up a cluster (20-25) of howea seedlings and separated them into numerous small pots and decided to take a shot at growing them in leca.
      I wanted to try out a few different semi-hydro pot/container styles since it's my first time growing these in leca and I wanted to see if some things work better than others.  In the picture from left to right we have:
      -Lechuza deltini mini filled with lechuza pon and topped with leca
      -White ceramic 4" pot with leca in plastic liner
      -White ceramic 3" pot with leca in plastic liner
      -4" terra cotta pot with leca submerged in marble water reservoir
      -Clear 500ml beaker with pure leca, no plastic liner
      If anyone has any tips/advice for growing palms in leca (when/what to feed them..) I'm all ears, I'm pretty new to it all.  I'll keep the thread updated on their progress, thanks guys!

    • Dimimelbourne
      By Dimimelbourne
      So I’ve had this beautiful palm for a few weeks now I think it’s doing really well.
       I bought it as a lipstick palm but multiple people have told me it’s more like to be a “Delight” form. Characterised by the orange crown shaft and bronze color of new emerging leaves. I have been keeping it in a shallow tray of water almost constantly and either have it outside in a sunny spot or inside by a big bright window if the temps drop below about 60f.
      It’s summer here in Melbourne so it will be interesting to see if it will survive the winter, even indoors but so far I’m really impressed. All the fronds seem super healthy and every stem seems to have a new emerging leaf. 
      I have heard this form of C Renda is more hardy in relation to temperatures but I am not sure I want to let my guard down and just leave it outside. Especially as we have a really volatile climate here in Melbourne.
      Just sharing some weekend appreciation

    • Dimimelbourne
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      Hi all,
      I’m new on here and to this wonderful world of palms. What started as a tropical plant hobby has turned into a fun and for-filling obsession apexed by a love for graceful palms. Scouring through Facebook market place, I came across this beautiful palm which was sold as a c. Renda but I’m unsure as it seems to lack the vibrant red even at 4ft tall. As I live in a temperate climate i understand it’ll be a challenge to grow too so any tips would be greatly appreciated! It’s pretty warm right now so I have it sitting outside but will definitely bring it in if temperatures drop below 15c (59f.)

    • chocolatethunda
      By chocolatethunda
      Hi all,
      I was wondering if it is possible to propagate Cyrtostachys Renda (lipstick palm, sealing wax palm). Any advice on doing this is highly appreciated.
      Below is one I bought here in Aruba

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