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    • Plantking165
      By Plantking165
      How does the trunk look on this 15 gallon dwarf coconut, worth getting it or is the trunk not thick enough? It's a fiji dwarf.
    • PlantDaddy
      By PlantDaddy
      I finally purchased the Beccariophoenix Alfredii here in Orlando Fl. I can’t wait to see how this beautiful palm responds in zone 9b. 

    • Plantking165
      By Plantking165
      In regard to the fiji dwarf being disease resistant to lethal yellowing is it resistant just to that or diseases in general?
    • Ilovepalm
      By Ilovepalm
      For 10 years I have been unsuccessfully trying to sprout a coconut palm from a nut. Every time the nuts turn moldy. I have already tried all possible sprouting methods available on the Internet, as well as from this forum. I even rinsed these nuts with washing powder before putting them in zip bags. I always soaked in warm water, then they had 100% humidity and 30 Celsius temperature. But they always mold and do not sprout. Now, I bought 4 coconuts and silence for three weeks.

    • Dr Roland Bourdeix
      By Dr Roland Bourdeix
      Do you Know this kind of coconut variety? Here is one of the most extraordinary varieties of coconut tree! A Compact Green Dwarf of Kaipoa type, that the envelope of the young fruits is edible, tender and sweet. For the moment, a single specimen has been found in French Polynesia, on the Tuamotus archipelago, on the Katiu atoll… In most coconuts, the husk (fruit envelope) is hard and inedible. But sometimes the husk of the young fruit is sweet and can be chewed like sugar cane. Its taste resembles that of the heart of coconut palm…. I would like to know if somebody meets this variety in another country? See hd pictures here:

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