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New Climate Normals (1991-2020)

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@Jimbean Nice map.  I remember from a conversation in days gone by that you had a formula that put more weight on the Record Low for each of the areas.  I took a guess at how something like this would work and came up with the following:


The attached sheet assigns a score for the USDA zone of both the average low and the record low from the chart above, and then takes the average of the two zones.  If you end up with a score that puts you between zones, then you get a dashed "transition zone".  For example, the Lakeland Airport (KLAL) has an average low of 29F and a record low of 20F.  The average is 9b (6 points) and the record low zone is 9a (5 points).  To get the average of the two scores: 6 + 5 / 2 = 5.5

This would yield a 9a-9b zone for the airport.  Was this relatively close to what you did?


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I like it Jeremy.  Thank you for taking the time to come up with it though it is quite analytical.

God Bless the USA


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