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Cycad up in a palm?

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I was checking out this huge Butia yesterday and saw this.   It's common to see Butia volunteers in the old boots but a Cycas revoluta?  Never saw that before.  Must have been the work of a rat taking a big seed up the trunk to munch on.


Butia cycad.jpg

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5 hours ago, Bazza said:


Another possible suspect.  But not here...

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Hey Fusca,

Are you sure it wasn’t on of those big mutant San Antonio lizard-rats?   I have heard they are about the size of a Chupacabra!   Awww.... just picking!  Nice and observant find there.  One’s imagination does ask; How did that get there?

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    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! 
      I have been taking care of my neighbors sago palm for the last two summers, watering it every day feeding it fertlizier every other month l, managanese, sulfur, a mix of palm tree food. This summer it looked promising and I thought it was going to flush.  Below is a picture from about 2 months ago and afterwards is a picture of today. I noticed it may have been buried a little deep so I took some of the dirt around it out. I go out and water every morning as the cycad doesn't get much water otherwise. Any help would be appreciated. 

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      Hi everyone,
           I noticed that the older leaves of my sago started turning yellow right before it started flushing.  Is this normal?  Also I put it out from 4hrs of sunlight to 12 about 2 months ago, sunburn?  Thanks for your replies.

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      All of my three Butias have opened yellowish new fronds (versus the usual darker green), and I'm pretty sure there's some mineral deficiency going on ;
      Our soil is podzolic (poor++), sandy, and clearly lacks potassium (got the classic symptoms of K deficiency on my largest W. robusta) ;

      My largest butia has been showing these signs even though I'm feeding it (sheep manure), which makes me think it is craving for potassium since its growth didn't slow down ;
      One additionnal detail : our soil is supposed to be rich in iron (reddish podzolic soil), but I can't quite tell if that's true or not ;

      What do you guys think?
      - Should I give it potassium (sulfate) ? Should I add magnesium? Does it also need iron?
      - Any indications on the rhythm of administrations to follow and the amounts to give ?
      (I have bought liquid potassium fertilizer (K₂SO₄) + solid heptahydrate magnesium sulfate (MgSO4·7H2O) )

      Btw, any advice is welcome !

      Here's some pics :

      New frond :

      A closer look :

      Thanks in advance !
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      So as the title says I finally planted my sago palms about a week or so ago and hoping for the best, but planning on the worst. Pretty much dont expect them to live, and at the very best they will flush and defoliate until they do die. Either way I needed them out of pots as I'm not a fan of potted plants. Also my new trachycarpus that I potted up recently is still declining. The only hope is the healthy looking green spear. Sure would hate to have to return it... All my other potted up to be planted later palms are looking wonderful! Although sadly plantation might have to wait til 2019 as the addition isn't looking to be done soon enough for my latest date. 
    • Sabal Steve
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      This was a real surprise for me.  Early 2016 I planted a strap leaf seedling (3 leaves) that I grabbed from out of the boot of a mature Butia odorata.  It got planted out near the curb, with no care, planted in clay.  I'm not sure what type of watering it gets, but I've never seen it watered.  Anyways, the pics tell the story.


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