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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I am dying to know if anyone has ever seen a royal palm with a noticeably curved trunk. Has anyone? They always seem to be so straight upward, in some cases with the slightest curve, as far as I seen. Anyone ever seen one with a curved trunk? If so, pictures?
    • RobustaEnvirons
      By RobustaEnvirons
      Ever since I got my large W.Robusta I've noticed that it has a curve (or a lean) to one side. I suspect that it's due to the way I potted it in the pot back when I got it.
      After getting it, one by one the fronds died off leaving only one large frond remaining. This lean became more prevalent once that happened since the only remaining frond was on one side. The Robusta also then didn't have the other fronds to counteract the weight.
      I thought maybe it would grow straighter with time. It hasn't seemed to though. I did notice the trunk wiggled side to side ever-so slightly. So I kinda dug a tiny bit of soil and pushed the soil tighter and then it seemed to stand up straighter.
      I also attached a bungee cord around the trunk to straighten it. Is this okay? Will the cord hurt the Robusta? Even with the cord it's still got a slight curve on the small trunk (probably due to leaning for a while like that. I only wanted to straighten it out. It has a new growth frond now by the way. I have hoped that in the future, new growth will straighten it up. I can't tell yet if the new growth frond is growing straight or is following along the direction of the other frond. 
      When I potted it, I thought I read that this species always grows straight up? I have kept it so that the sun would allow it to grow straight up (like my houseplant Dracaena Marginata). I had hoped this would straighten it out. 
      I'm worried that the bungee cord might hurt it though. Should I use the cord? Or, remove the cord and allow the Robusta to "straighten itself out" over time and growth? I would expect this stuff from my Houseplant Dracaena Marginata, but not from a W. Robusta. Guess I'm still learning. Lol. 
      Here's how it looks with and without the bungee cord:

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