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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I posted photos of these four seedlings a couple months but I'm still not sure what I have. I got seeds of these palms from Australia back in 2019 and the seller IDed them as "Ptychosperma unknown species" with large leaves and large seeds. When I say "large seeds" I do it with Ptychospermas in mind. I can't remember exactly what the seeds looked like except they were elongated and approx. 3/4" to 1" long and 1/3" to 1/2" wide. One PTer suggested they might be Veitchias. My seeds source seemed knowledgable enough to tell the difference between Ptychospermas and Veitchias, but who can say if he was? I took photos of the largest palm. Notice it has black speckling and a lot of tomentum but is that a shared trait of Ptychos and Veitchias? Seedlings are robust and fast growing. They sailed through my winter carefree and without protection.
      Ptychosperma or Veitchia?

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Today we stopped at our local deli for lunch. As we were leaving I noticed two large Phoenix palms on each side of the driveway. One was loaded with seeds while the other, a male, was not. The fruits were still green and were 1" long x 1/2" wide. The seeds are 3/4" x 3/8". The Phoenix genus is not my favorite but these two palms were spectacular beneath the sunlit sky. They have been cared for and pruned judiciously and were perfect. I saw no other Phoenix palms nearby. My question is: Can anyone tell me what hybrids these two palms could be (almost all Phoenix in FL are hybrids)? Is anyone interested in seeds when they ripen? If the offspring take after the parents they should turn out to be awesome palms. I hope everyone agrees. I took the following photos:
      Phoenix species/hybrid
      Fruit and seeds

      Male palm

      Seeding Female palm

    • Collectorpalms
      By Collectorpalms
      Anyone having any luck with pure Butia in central Texas? Initially several of the largest in the area looked like they had some green in the center. However, now more than a month later they look worse. These experience around 5F. I must have had too much faith in their cold hardiness?
      Should they be trunk cut now that the green is fading? I am asking for someone who has 7 nice ones that is hesitating. Copper fungicide applied and last checked a couple weeks and only 1 spear pulled then.

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I germinated these seedlings several years ago. They are still tiny but hanging in there. I still have dozens of them. I believe they are D. madagascariensis v mahajanga but I need confirmation from a Dypsis afficionado. I got the seeds from @NatureGirl back in 2018 or so. They are maddeningly slow growing as some Dypsis are but are surprisingly resilient. They stay outdoors in the shade year round and get no protection from the elements. I have dozens of them I am looking to sell as I don't have time and energy to keep herding them around.
      Are these D. mad v mahajanga?

    • Mr.SamuraiSword
      By Mr.SamuraiSword
      Was passing through Macon Georgia last week, and was surprised at some of the palms. Spent around an hour driving around. One place called AP's Hidden Hideaway Restaurant on 4275 Broadway Dr, had some tall Washingtonia Robusta, especially for interior GA.  Quite a bit of winter burn, 30 - 50% of fronds were fried, most fronds had some burn.

      Tallest ones here,

      Some of the worst burn on these,

      These three seemed more like filibusta. thicker trunks and all, and considerably less burn.

      Couple more, volunteer on the bottom right.

      In Washington Park in downtown Macon, were a couple very old Sabal Palmetto, I talked to a few people in a palm forum on FB and they said those palms were there and around the same size 1980s, so these were probably planted at least in the 1940s

      Love that Lolipop Look.

      Quite a few volunteers in the park, two of which were adult palms.

      Across the street from this park, was another large volunteer, growing in a sidewalk.  Shows how long the old ones have been there.

      Quite a few other interesting palms around town, the Hideaway also had quite a few Chinese Fan palms, mixed in with pindos and Washys.

      Plenty of nice pindos around too.

      Nice one in Downtown

      Plenty of other great sabals around too.

      Lots of nice Trachycarpus around, but only got to take photos of these two big ones.

      Young Washingtonia in downtown, looking great.

      Small Chinese Fan in downtown,

      The Hideaway had tons of large Sago Cycads too, total of over 40 sagos at least.

      One even naturalizing. 

      Speaking of volunteers, the downtown region had plenty of sabal volunteers, clearly palms have been present for quite some time.

      More Sagos around town, plenty of big ones.

      Keep in mind I only looked around for about an hour, so this is only the tip of the palm iceburg in Macon

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