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    • GardnerDylan6a
      By GardnerDylan6a
      What time of year does W. Filifera or Robusta flower and produce seed?
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Awhile back I posted photos of the first surviving crop of seeds from my Dypsis lanceolata. Those seeds are harvested and ready to go to new homes.
      This is a clustering Dypsis but only sparsely so. My palm has two stems and is 8-10' tall. It is notable for its unusually long, arched fronds and wide, rippled leaflets. It is closely related to Dypsis pembana and cabadae.
      Dypsis lanceolata fresh seeds: 50 @ $10.00 for the lot
                                                         100 @ $15.00 for the lot
      Shipping = $6.00 in a padded envelope. I cannot ship seeds or plants outside the US. No shipping to HI.
      Payment via Paypal.
      PM me if you are interested

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      My one remaining Dypsis lanceolata has put out its largest crop of red, oblong seeds to date. It has only 2 stems instead of the usual 5 or 6 and stands 9-10' tall. My D. pembana and D. cabadae are much larger and more robust. I wonder if C. lanceolata is more sensitive to my calcareous, alkaline soil even though I mulch it heavily. But it's nice to photograph seeds at eye level for a change. Lanceolata has unusually wide undulating leaves that give it a plumose appearance. See Palmpedia link below:
      Dypsis lanceolata, Cape Coral, FL

    • SALOttawa
      By SALOttawa
      I just joined the forum today. I have been growing palms for a few years now, but I have always brought them indoors for the winter. This year I decided to try growing 3 varieties of hardy palms: Trachycarpus Fortunei, Washingtonia Robusta, and Chilean Wine Palms. I bought seeds on eBay. I have found good instructions on the TFs and the WRs, but I haven’t found anything reliable on the Chilean Wine Palm seeds. Has anyone had experience growing these from seeds? Some sites suggest breaking the shell off, while others don’t. I have them soaking in water at the present time and I will be planting them on Friday. I am hoping to get some good advice before then. Thanks in advance,   SALOttawa 
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      In January I went to a Buddy Holly tribute at the Cape Cabaret in downtown Cape Coral. On the way in I noticed several apparently "dwarf" trunked Pseudophoenix sargentii shorter than I am planted near the side walk. Two of them had ripe seeds and had dropped many on the ground. On the way home I picked the remaining seeds and took photos. I posted those photos last month in the following topic:
      I questioned whether these palms were actually dwarfed like Areca catechus. Consensus was that they had been kept in pots for many years before they were planted, which resulted in their current appearance, i.e., there are no genetic dwarf P. sargentii. So you should not expect offspring of these seeds to replicate their parents if they are raised normally. 
      In addition you can read a write-up on this species in the Palmpedia link below:
      I have several hundred seeds of these palms for sale as follows:
      Pseudophoenix sargentii from Cape Cabaret: 50 seeds @ $10.00 for the Lot
      Shipping: $5.00 up to 150 seeds.   No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested
      A couple photos from my previous topic

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