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Dypsis Decaryi, Triangle Palm, Germination

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Hi all,

I finally received seeds I ordered from rarepalmseeds.com here in Aruba (small island in the Dutch Caribbean).
I would very much appreciate some suggestions on methods for germinating and care after the germination. I will keep updating the thread as they grow for future references.

Below are the suggestions I'm most eager to learn about of the seed type (Dypsis Decaryi)

  1. Soil Medium for germination? (perlite, peat moss, coco coir?)
  2. Soak in water? (how many days, fungicide bath?)
  3. Does the sinker/floater test apply to these seeds too?
  4. Heat mat?
  5. Depth of Pots and soul medium after germination?



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Just did a batch of these from locally collected seed.  Don't have to get too cute with them.  Moist medium of your choosing, 90F+ bottom heat, and anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.  I gave most of mine a 32 oz cup for a starter pot.  They'll probably go in the ground in the not-so-distant future, though.

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Cocoa Beach Jason

In my yard just about every single one of these that hits the ground sprouts. They are a weed here. Doubt they need much help.

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I got 3 out of 3 to germinate. Hand-picked from a Costa Rica trip. Had them on a heading pad on a low-light west facing windowsill in peat/perlite on one in vermiculite. The vermiculite one took off faster but the other two caught up to it.

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