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    • James760
      By James760
      Availability list & Prices
      Serenoa Repens (blue)  $15
      Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii  $15
      Sabal Causiarum  $7
      Sabal Maritima   $7
      Sabal Etonia  $5
      Sabal Minor Emerald Island Giant  $5
      Livistona Alfredii  $7
      Cycas Guizhouensis  $25
      Enc. Lehmannii  $25
      Enc. Trispinosus  $25
      Enc. Longifolius (blue)  $25
      Enc. Longifolius x Princeps  $30
      Enc. Eugene-Maraisii  $40
      Enc. Msinganus  $20
      *SHIPPING * No international shipping. Lower 48 only.  Usps priority shipping. Shipping starts off @ $10.00.  & varies depending on amount of plants & which ones. ( example,  I can fit a ton of Sabals, Blue Encephalartos, Livistona in 1 box bare root which will be $10.00) Cycas Guizhouensis are bigger & heavier so multiples of those will be more shipping.  PM me for more details & questions. 
      Note: I can only shipping Thursday's & Fridays. 
      Serenoa Repens blue (Greenhouse grown, acclimate accordingly)

       Here's mine.. I planted one out 2 years ago & is getting a bit more silvery blue.

      Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii (Greenhouse grown, acclimate accordingly )

      Sabal Causiarum ( 4-5 leaves) 

      Sabal Maritima ( 3-5 leaves)

      Sabal Etonia ( 2 leaves)

      Sabal minor Emerald Island Giant ( 2 leaves)

      Livistona Alfredii (2 leaves)

      Cycas Guizhouensis- These are HUGE! Busting out of the liners. These need to be potted up to 5 gallon pots or planted. Acclimate them before planting in sun. (Greenhouse grown)

      Planted straight to a 5 gallon pot. 2" caudex on this one!

      Encephalartos Msinganus 
      Encephalartos Longifolius (Blue), Lehmannii, Trispinosus, & Longifolius( Blue) x Princeps are all 2-3 leaves

      Encephalartos Eugene-Maraisii (1leafer)


    • Mr.Piriyakul
      By Mr.Piriyakul
      Hey everyone, 
      I know I pretty back to back, but I just trimmed my coonties because I think scale is starting to die back from a months long battle with the pests. I sprayed neem and scale specific oils for a month, daily.  The plant was still healthy and a hard cortex gave me some hope for a bounce back. I picked scale from the cortex with my girlfriend. I hope you can give me advice on if the scale will die back and leave totally with continued treatment, plus ground coffee. I know its not proven but why not try. Will the flush come back ? Did I do a dumb thing? 
    • Mr.Piriyakul
      By Mr.Piriyakul
      Hello People,
      I posted this already on palms in pots but some people directed me here for more help. I just want to know if My En Lehmannii will say blue in South Florida. If the rain is to much can I just being them in and out side as needed to keep the blue? These are my questions. Plus I have this Dioon Spinulosa pup with roots. The leaves on it are from a old flush before I bought it (so I am told), Will new flush come in July/ Juneish? I know I wait but I am curious and new to cycads.  Thanks everyone
    • Mr.Piriyakul
      By Mr.Piriyakul
      Hey everyone,
      I need some advice about my En. Lehmannii. Have it in a good mix of soil and a tall 5 gallon plastic black pot with 60% or more of perlite and 30% cactus and palm potting mix and garden mix from Lowes. I just want to know if my New plant will Thrive! It is in a spot where the morning sun continues until 3pm with some afternoon sun here and there. My back yard has dogs but they do not eat plants. So my dog and plant are safe. Could any one tell me if I'm doing right by the plant and if it will turn green. I will bring in the plant in heavy storms if possible. I just want my plant to grow and be happy for years. Plus I have a dioon spinulosum  pup with roots in a similar type of soil just more organic 50/50.  Let me know if they look good or not. Please thank you. Its my first time on a forum.
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