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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Yesterday we traveled back to the Fort Myers Palm Park in downtown on Martin Luther King Ave to check on the status of two seeding Copernicias. I also took a few minutes to take photos of other palms.
      Sabal palmetto Lisa x2: These are the wild Sabal Lisas rescued from certain destruction during renovations of I-75 about 10 years ago. The City of Ft. Myers donated space in this palm park where they will live in perpetuity. Notice that the palm on the right holds on to its boots; the one on the left does not. The palm on the left is my avatar.

      Dypsis cabadae: very pretty and elegant

      Syagrus schizophylla with seeds

      Serenoa repens Silver: well trimmed and flowering

    • CoconutGambler352
      By CoconutGambler352
      Here are a few Sabals
      In person, The Sabal Palm in the first photo furthest to the right, was actually a VERY tinted Blue color, while the two Sabal closest to me, were the usual colors. 
      Photo 2 is the VERY Tinted Blue Sabal I mentioned. 
      Photo 3 is photo of a Original Sabal (Right side) and on the left hand Side is a Sabal (Causiarum?) Or maybe just a Hybrid? 
      Photos 4&5 are of the Sabal "Hybrid" Look at how HUGE the frond is, to my hand, and the Palm is ONLY about 3.5ft Total Trunk height. Pretty interesting and impressive to me! 

    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      So I’ve been growing some palmetto seedlings for a few years now and they’re starting to get more palmate fronds. I bought a big thing of Sabal Palmetto seeds a few years ago and they germinated and gave me these. I believe I also bought Sabal minor seeds to scatter around in the woods. My memory is the worst and I’m not sure if I actually germinated a Sabal minor or not. I was looking at some of the seedlings and I was struck by how blue some of them were. Do I have some Sabal minors mixed in or do Palmettos also have this bluish hue when they’re young. Thanks and I apologize for my forgetfulness! 

    • Collectorpalms
      By Collectorpalms
      I have seeds I lost the label for and not sure if there is any difference in the three species seeds. I am going to grow them regardless. 

      They were from Montgomery Botanical Garden seed auction. I got seeds from Sabal Maritima, domingensis, and Causarium. 
      The seeds are rather small and dark, no bigger than a Sabal Palmettos.
      Maybe if I can’t identify them as seeds, Someone will know if they look different as seedlings, so I know before they are decades old! 
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