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palm slowly recovering...thanks to palmtalk! and plant sitting foxtail for the winter

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so my butia was in decline along with my other plants this past winter indoors

a combination of insects, overwatering and underwatering

the yellowing started during this time

when it came outside it put out a nice sized leaf but it was yellow as well

after doing some reading here on the forum i found a thread which recommended adding sulphur to the soil

Butia capitata yellowing... posted by County Ag Agent

i have been adding small spoonfuls of sulphur and it has worked to green up the butiathank you!!

a friend bought two foxtail palms this spring but now the spears are too tall to fit at his place

looks like i will be plant sitting these two foxtails!

one spent its summer not too far from me, the other was outside of toronto

it went through some cold temps which we did not get here in toronto recently

so some leaves have gone brown on the one


something i found interesting was out of my two mediterranean fan palms the taller one has a skinny trunk and the shorter one has much more gerth


squirrels wreaked havoc on my seedlings.. i will do a final count when they come inside but there were significant losses

next year i will take precautions to avoid this

here are some pics of the yard













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so the last couple days i have been busy moving plants inside

there was a lot of rain lately so some of the pots were quite heavy!


here is one which i bought as an impulse buy at a convenience store this spring... only to find the same plants at home depot for less!

thats ok it wasnt much more and they picked a nice one.. actually i got 3 and gave away 2



these are the two foxtails which were too tall for my friend to overwinter so they will spend the winter here

one of the two was east of toronto and was affected by the cold to a much greater degree and lost a couple fronds



here are the two mediterranean fan palms and the one butia.. they will live in the grow space in the basement for the winter


another closer view


they look a lot bigger compared to last year now that they are inside!

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so my butia continues to improve with the sulphur treatments

my mediterranean fan palms are happy too

one of them has a leaf coming out from where the petiole meets the stem... is that an offset?

also pictured are my seedlings (slightly overgrown with clover)

to me it seems the foxtail palms both made it although one has lost all its leaves

the spear in the middle seems alive so i am hopeful it will pull through

the other one had 2 big spears when it came inside and one of them is starting to unfurl






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So your friend has had luck with the Foxtails coming indoors for the winter in the past?   LOVE those palms, but for me anyway they do not like being indoors for the winter.

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no, he bought them in the spring from a local nursery

he couldnt resist the price

the one which is in rough shape was east of here.... it saw a bit colder temps in the fall

also went on a highway drive laying in a trailer bouncing a bit so the soil got fairly disturbed

they were having problems with it blowing over and their solution was to put rocks in the container

i am wondering if the rocks were crushing roots during the drive

i would have recommended staking with rebar and or burying the pot partially

hopefully it bounces back!

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Beautiful Foxtails!

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took some pics today for an update









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oh man did i ever struggle to get that first picture to appear in the right orientation! (its still not right but at least its upright)

so you can see the one foxtail is doing great but the other one has died back but the spear still feels like it has some life in it so i have not given up hope yet

you can also see my seedlings slowly chugging along

i feel like the archontophoenix cunninghamiana illawara are going to go pinate soon

the one picture is of what i assumed to be an offset on the mediterranean fan palm

there are a couple other seedlings which didnt get photographed... they are still just one strap

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getting close to bringing all my plants outside

some of my plants are pissed off and wanting to be outside badly

the palms seem happy enough for the most part

here are some pics







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Philly J

Spear is months and months in the making 


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Philly J

And you can always get yours out sooner than I can here in Regina haha

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these plants will be moving to the kirkland lake area

the temps there will be similar to youres

i plan to build a greenhouse up there

might be a few years before that is completed though

on a side note, my basjoo survived the winter chopped down to 1 foot tall with 2 feet of wood chips piled on top

i also had hay bales surrounding the stone raised bed it is in

sometime this summer i will be digging it up and moving it to the kirkland lake area

come fall, i will mulch with 3-4 feet of wood chips

i think they might make it up there (and where you live)


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      Hi, new to the forum and palms in general. 
      I got this washingtonia robusta and was acclimatizing it when it started yellowing several fronds. I was super careful about watering, so couldn't be an overwatering issue. Possibly also shipping stress?
      Today I pulled it out of it's pot and turns out it was pretty root bound. And as such was not getting enough water maybe. Untangled the root ball a bit and potted up. Well draining potting mix.
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      Was passing through Macon Georgia last week, and was surprised at some of the palms. Spent around an hour driving around. One place called AP's Hidden Hideaway Restaurant on 4275 Broadway Dr, had some tall Washingtonia Robusta, especially for interior GA.  Quite a bit of winter burn, 30 - 50% of fronds were fried, most fronds had some burn.

      Tallest ones here,

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      In Washington Park in downtown Macon, were a couple very old Sabal Palmetto, I talked to a few people in a palm forum on FB and they said those palms were there and around the same size 1980s, so these were probably planted at least in the 1940s

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      Small Chinese Fan in downtown,

      The Hideaway had tons of large Sago Cycads too, total of over 40 sagos at least.

      One even naturalizing. 

      Speaking of volunteers, the downtown region had plenty of sabal volunteers, clearly palms have been present for quite some time.

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      Hi Everyone. I got these two Butias a year or two ago. They were together in a bag, but not labeled. The grower said that they were an unused one but couldn’t remember the species. It now appears that they are two different ones. Or is the purple colour not an identifying feature?  The purple one doesn’t appear to have signs of spines but the green one does. Any ideas on what it could be?

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