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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I was curious how long it takes to sprout Dypsis prestoniana seeds using the baggy method.  I did the float test, cleaned a bunch of sinkers, used a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to give them a final cleaning and then put them in baggies with some moist sphagnum moss I have for mounting orchids.  I'm sure someone can weigh in regarding their experience and timeline on sprouting this species.  I started those baggies on 12/1/2020.  This evening I did the same with about 50 Dypsis heteromorpha seeds so would be curious about others experience on timeline and yield for them as well.

    • Teegurr
    • SEVA
      By SEVA
      Does anyone know what these are? They were found washed up on the beach. There are 2 fruits and one with the fruit removed, revealing the seed. The fruit was sticky and almost web-like.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Does anyone know of any good fruiting banana varieties? I am wanting to start some banana seeds in the fall and grow them indoors to a nice size and then plant them outdoors the next Spring with the hopes that they will get big enough to produce some bananas later in the summer. 
    • petasplit
      By petasplit
      Hi, does anyone have seeds or seedlings of Aravaipa avocado? I cant seem to find it anywhere for sale online.
      I am located in EU (Croatia) where summers are really hot and winters get quite cold (depends on year). 
      That is why I am searching cold hardy avocado. Thanks for your time
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