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    • graupel
      By graupel
      Hi everybody!
      I have a serious problem with germination of the coconuts. Many coconuts start to rot during the germination (some seedlings survive only). The surface of the coconuts and the embryo are covered with the white fuzzy / powder mold. I realize that the germination of the coconuts from the supermarkets is often associated with a high risk of failure, but if it is possible, I would at least want to minimize the formation of the molds on the coconuts. Since I grow the coconut palms indoor (I have a large south window where I grow my coconut palms for several years), I would like to use some natural (not chemical) fungicides. So far, I've only tried potassium permanganate, but it didn't help. What other natural fungicide do you recommend? I read on the internet that some natural products can be effective, such as: cinnamon, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol (short-term action only), seasalt water (coconut palms tolerate it highly), baking soda and liquid grapefruit seed extract (GSE). At the moment I don't have the opportunity to experiment with all the possibilities, so to make my situation easier, I want to ask you: Which natural product has the best fungicidal effects to kill the white fuzzy / powder molds?
      Thank you!

    • RaleighNC
      By RaleighNC
      In April 2019 I posted photos of some of my plants.  After two growing seasons many of them have grown a lot.  I have tried to take the update photos from the same perspective, but often this was not possible.  I will post a few at a time.
      Trachycarpus nanus April 2019

      Nov 2020

      Cycas revoluta x taitungensis (April 1019)

      Nov 2020

    • Teegurr
      By Teegurr
      This is a nice CIDP I spotted on Lawyer. I'm not sure of the age - much appreciated if anyone can guess.

    • Teegurr
      By Teegurr
      These are some CIDP sprouts I am getting after planting on Sep 8, 2020. I will be posting updates of these plants.

    • climate change virginia
      By climate change virginia
      Hi is there a hardy alternative to bottle palms that can survive in zone 8a I don't care about the leaves the leaves can be pinnate palmate either one is fine. Thanks. 
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