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Butiagrus seeds

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for butiagrus seeds (Butia x syagrus r.), I live in Italy, is there anyone who has them?

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Hi, mulepalms of Mississippi may have some for sale! 

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4 minutes ago, palmtreesteve said:

Ciao, mulepalms del Mississippi potrebbero averne in vendita! 

Do they also ship to Italy?

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Yes he ships seeds all over the world. Mine arrived safely to the uk

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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      My Zombia x Coccothrinax hybrid is about 10 years old, 6' tall at the highest frond and 4' diameter. It has two major trunks with more on the way. Those trunks are covered with coarse woven fibers that curve outward in intervals to form horizontal spines. Genus Zombia is monotypical, i.e., contains only one species. Coccothrinax is not. I don't know which species is represented in the hybrid, but I guess the most common, barbadensis, is a likely candidate. Morphology of this palm's leaves in the cluster varies. Some are large, others much smaller. Some have silvery undersides, others do not. Some pinnae are thin, others thick. Kind of strange. This palm has taken down to the mid-30s with no damage. Very neat palm but not huggable.
      Zombia x Coccothrinax, Cape Coral, FL 2021

      Leaf Architecture
      Pinnae on these leaves are shallowly cut into thirds and deeply cut to right and left. Note silvery obverse of top leaf.

      Pinnae on these smaller leaves are wider and cut more uniformly. Undersides of leaves don't show as much silver

      Trunk Architecture
      Tallest Trunk

      Fiber & spine detail

      Primary & secondary trunks

      Base of palm is a mass of fibers and spines

    • Teegurr
      By Teegurr
      Insane day for weather, we got 4+ inches of snow!
      1. Butia odorata
      2. Phoenix dactylifera
      3. Phoenix canariensis
      4. Ravenea rivularis

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Hello everyone, I was looking at an app called iNaturalist, which is an app that lets you post and look at observations of plants and animals around the world, and I typed in Cocos nucifera and found this post in northern Morocco by the Mediterranean Sea. Does anyone know any information about this? I thought that it would be too cool in the winter for them there. 

    • swolf
      By swolf
      Buildable 4.5 acre palm grove (licensed nursery) located about 20 minutes west of Ormond Beach Florida.  Square shaped parcel was sub-divided, so each parcel can be built upon if so desired.  Paved road in residential neighborhood but properly zoned for AG too (A-3).  WELL-DRAINED soil (sand hill).
      In 2009 I had the property cleared and fenced in.  The next year I had the 500 Sq. ft Barn substantially improved/rebuilt.  
      Collectors mix of cold-hardy palms with dozens of F1 Jubaea x Butia and/or backcrossed BJx Jubaea.  Most of the F1 Jubutia are now producing seed.  Substantial business opportunity for east coast production of Jubutia of F1 genetic character.  There’s also substantial interest in hand-made hybrids like Jubutyagrus.  I have two ‘Mountain Queens’ that Nigel Kembrey kindly sent me seeds of years ago.  They should soon flower.
      Other palms can be dug & sold, or kept to admire.  These include about 30 Jubutyagrus, 5 large Butia x Parajubaea and one ultra-rare Jubaea x Queen.  Several Sabal Louisiana (one mature) from an outstanding blue specimen.  A few smaller Blue Brahea Dulcis, Super Silver, Trachy Princeps,Livistona Mariae hybrids, and 3 nice silver Bismarckia from especially cold-hardy parents.
      $200k purchase price or for buyers capable of pursuing the commercial opportunity, a partnership is possible.  That next phase is too much for this one man.
      Serious inquiries can PM me.  Now how about a few photos already? :-). First few are of thick-trunked Jubutia — the silver specimen hasn’t flowered just yet.  

    • Zekorora
      By Zekorora
      I’ve been looking for these two palms for a while now and can’t find any. Super rare!
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