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    • LunaBlue
      By LunaBlue
      Hi, new to the forum and palms in general. 
      I got this washingtonia robusta and was acclimatizing it when it started yellowing several fronds. I was super careful about watering, so couldn't be an overwatering issue. Possibly also shipping stress?
      Today I pulled it out of it's pot and turns out it was pretty root bound. And as such was not getting enough water maybe. Untangled the root ball a bit and potted up. Well draining potting mix.
      Any advice on how to help it survive? It will go out for the summer once the weather will be warmer. Location Estonia, so will stay in pot.  Currently it is in the corner of east-south facing window. Is getting some hours of sun. I have read that they are pretty tough, so hope will keep on growing.
      Second question: does robusta usually grow side shoots? Or is this some multi trunk cultivar? Getting two new shoots off the main stem. 
      Thank you! 

    • MTY
      By MTY
      Hi all.  New member here from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.  I've identified at least 12 palm varieties in the condo grounds where I'm residing, and I'm putting together a guide/walking tour for folks here to learn about them.    But I need help!  This palm identification thing seems to only get more difficult the more I learn...
      I'm going to post a few threads to help identify some that have confused me - any help is appreciated!  After, I'll post the full guide when I complete it.   Thanks in advance!
      Are these Washingtonia Robusta/Mexican Fan Palms?  Are the first two photos a different variety than the last three?  I thought these were Sabal at first but there are varying degrees of toothy armature on the petioles. 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Is this normal? I noticed the oldest frond on my new Washingtonia robusta that I got from Lowes (really cheap) was dying in a weird way, it is almost like the way some diseases start in palms. But the thing is it was like this for a few weeks now, I think I am just being paranoid. Does this look normal? Maybe it was just damaged so it is dying like this? I just am hoping this doesn’t have some disease. 

    • Adam Halford
      By Adam Halford
      Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. I grew some washingtonia robustas from seed and were all doing really well.. I’m using a mix of fine seed compost, coco cour and perlite. All were doing fine but over the last couple of weeks they are now shrivelling and loosing colour. They are around 18 months old and have been kept in a conservatory during winter and outside in the summer in the UK. I repotted yesterday as roots were coming out the pots. Any help would be appreciated 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      One of my Washingtonia robusta seedlings leaned sideways a bit when it was in the community pot and started to grow that way. I potted it up with the base of the small trunk pointing up. Will this seedling straighten out? 

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