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Janet B

Advice: Developing a park Palmetum

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Janet B

I am a volunteer at the California Nursery Historical Park in Fremont, California, in the south east bay area.

Our park is going through some development soon to add bathrooms and irrigation and walkways and to re-work the parking lot.

We have a cluster of palms in the park that could be a nice beginning to an official Palmetum like the one at Lake Merritt. There are six or seven palms in the parking lot that will need to be moved and the city could use some advice on how to move them. Moving them to join the other palms in the cluster seems like a good idea to me.

I converted the palm tour that Nelson Kirk and Joyce Blueford created for 2015 into an online tour so you can see our palms: http://walkingwiththenilespalms.blogspot.com/

I am a fan of all kinds of plants and do not specialize in palms. How would I connect with some palm fans in Fremont and nearby?

I tried connecting with the Northern California chapter here: http://www.palmsnc.org/ but did not get a response.

So I need advice on:

  • Moving palms (Chamaerops humilis, Chamaerops humilis va. cerifera, Trachycarpus fortunei, T. wagnerianus) 
  • Creating a palmetum (irrigation etc.)
  • Finding local palm fans/fanatics

Thank you!

Janet Barton


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Hello Janet, and welcome to PalmTalk! Congratulations on your developing interest in palm trees. 

About moving large palms, engage an experienced professional tree moving company. I'm not familiar with NorCal companies, so can't give you any names, sorry! 

Creating a palmetum -- the Bay Area is home to Jason Dewees, author of the book Designing with Palms.  You can contact him through Twitter or Instagram.  David Feix is a landscape designer in the Berkeley area who loves palms and may be able to advise on the irrigation questions.  

Best of luck and please share your progress here!

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