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Trachy Leaves Folding

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Do Trachy leaves fold to help moderate the environment? I’ve noticed, especially in the winter, the colder it gets, the tighter they close...I know it can be a sign of stress but my Trachy seems to be healthy...it’s leaves have always looked semi-folded...some days more than others...today is dry, sunny and low 80’s...even the Mediterranean Fan tends to be folded, though to a lesser degree...the Needles are wide open and flat...any lesson would be appreciated...3096607E-180C-42FC-B365-DF0DF5954973.thumb.jpeg.4f78f55af2822595bacaff38bdee34b2.jpeg

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    • RaleighNC
      By RaleighNC
      In April 2019 I posted photos of some of my plants.  After two growing seasons many of them have grown a lot.  I have tried to take the update photos from the same perspective, but often this was not possible.  I will post a few at a time.
      Trachycarpus nanus April 2019

      Nov 2020

      Cycas revoluta x taitungensis (April 1019)

      Nov 2020

    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Update On the McCurtain...the leaf I thought might be a more mature frond is another two leaf strap...at 62, I need it to grow faster but I think I’ll chalk this one up as a lesson in patience. It’s not going to be what it’s not...but it’s a good candidate for my zone....

    • konarikcy
      By konarikcy
      Hello all
      For those of us who do not live in the States, the USDA Hardiness zone guidelines are a useful indication of what may grow in our country. I live in Nicosia Cyprus where we have relatively mild winters for most months - it is October and we are currently 36oC  with 20oC(night).  But it will suddenly change and by January, it will be continuous cold,  a little wet with possibly zero some nights which would normally I think put me on a 9b bordering 10a zone.
      However this can be misleading as I have found out the hard way. We have months and months of Mediterranean summer reaching 46oC this year (blame global warming). This means that the USDA zone alone is an insufficient guideline for us with more extreme weather as it does not take into account the max summer temperatures, the length of summer and winter conditions, rainfall etc.
      Nowadays, I often look at what other people are growing with similar climates nearest being  Southern California and even Sydney  (not in Cyprus as there are few of us pushing boundaries I think). Having recently joined this site, I look forward to following closely what people are growing in these areas. I currently grow Bungalow palms, livistona chinensis, bismarkia, robellina, trachycarpus fortunii and waggies, chaemadorea, and many cycas, dioone and encepalartus. Here is a picture of part of my garden.
      I would be interested in hearing how other people decide on what to try apart from the obvious desperate "must have this plant" garden urge.
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Any lessons on Sabal fronds collapsing? This one is growing in Bethany Beach, DE and has been in ground for about 4-years...seems very healthy...new growth fronds are huge...any advise appreciated...just want to rule in or out any nutritional deficiencies...they collapse at the petiole...most other fronds seem strong.
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Good morning folks...these updates will seem a bit boring but...
      That Sabal Minor seed I sprouted (first palm seed I’ve ever sproutEd) is getting a second strap leaf!

      and...my Brazoria is getting a trunk!...I think...

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