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    • McClell.Col829
      By McClell.Col829
      Hello my Fellow Palm Talkers, I purchased a Washy (labeled as a Filifera, imo its a Filibusta) about a month ago from HD, I normally don't get my palms from big name corporations, however this palm was priced very low for its size and for the area I live in, St. George, Utah. It's been in the ground for a month, I've been good about watering it,  and I use fish emulsion fertilizer during planting, in my experience it usually helps reduce transplant shock. Anyways, I'm concerned about a couple of things, however the speckling on the petioles is my main concern. I'm wondering what it may be, and what I can do to treat it or remedy it. Any input, recommendations, thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. I hope everybody is doing as well as they can during these stressful and challenging times! I hope you all stay safe and healthy! God Bless,

    • RaychHasDatePalms
      By RaychHasDatePalms
      My mom is simplifying her plant collection and gave me two of what I think are parlor palms. My dad had accidentally put them directly into the sun after a long winter, so they did get sunburnt... but you know, that can be dealt with. 
      We discovered after the fact, though, that they have huge amounts of SCALE. She’d had no idea and feels terrible. 
      What do you think, are these past help? If not, is it safe to trim off the worst branches and then use Dawn on the rest over the course of a few weeks? If so, should I quarantine them away from my other plants, since I so far do not have scale in my own garden? Idk how readily it spreads outside. Or do we just toss both of the trees?
      Here are my quick snaps: 
      (Also, I have no idea what the black is)

    • Thailand Garden
      By Thailand Garden
      Can anybody tell me what is killing my palms?  I've lost a few like this in the last few years.  I would really like to try to save this one as it's part of a set along the road, and have a remedy for future.  I've lost Royal Caribbean Palms like this one and Champagne palms.  They show clear signs of distress as fronds grow poorly and bunch up, crown starts to grow narrower and wither like this one.   There's what appears to be rot at the top of the trunk at the crown.  They seem to rot out inside.  I don't see any obvious signs of infestation.  If you have any ideas I'd sure appreciate it. 
      Thank you so much!

    • Jason S.
      By Jason S.
      In a shaded section of my yard I have some Ivory Canes, Kings, Shaving Brush, and Flame Throwers. Older fronds are turning a dark brown and dying prematurely. I pulled back the leaf base sheath of one of the Kings and did not see any pink rot or other fungus. I live in central coastal San Diego, CA 92122. I deep water them once a week. I have clay soil. Any idea what would be causing this?

    • Yi
      By Yi
      Hey guys,
      I met a super difficult situation.
      I plant some peach palms in the Southwest of China,some of them are in the pots.
      One week ago,the leaves of the seedlings have turned to white,in another word,lost their green. 
      First,the situation would be found in the sub new leaf,I mean,not the newest leaf.
      Then,the newest leaf would be dead,the connection between the root and the stem is completely rotten.
      I had thought maybe it was Bacterial or Fungus,so I used Kasugamycin and Pyraclostrobin.but the situation seemd not be improved.
      More and more seedlings begun to show the situation.
      I never saw this before,it seems that I could do nothing to stop the disaster.I give the suficient water and fertilizer,use the “drug”,but still too bad.
      Have you seen this situation before?

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