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HELP PLEASE, has my washy contracted a disease of some kind?

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Hello my Fellow Palm Talkers, I purchased a Washy (labeled as a Filifera, imo its a Filibusta) about a month ago from HD, I normally don't get my palms from big name corporations, however this palm was priced very low for its size and for the area I live in, St. George, Utah. It's been in the ground for a month, I've been good about watering it,  and I use fish emulsion fertilizer during planting, in my experience it usually helps reduce transplant shock. Anyways, I'm concerned about a couple of things, however the speckling on the petioles is my main concern. I'm wondering what it may be, and what I can do to treat it or remedy it. Any input, recommendations, thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. I hope everybody is doing as well as they can during these stressful and challenging times! I hope you all stay safe and healthy! God Bless,









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Hi Colby, walk to Palmtalk! 

It is presumed that most commercial filifera are hybrids, unless grown from a reputable source, or collect seeds in habitat yourself.

Your washy looks okay to me, other than some pencil-necking, the issues are minor imo. 
Transplant shock will happen on nearly any palm you plant in the summer; water it daily for a few weeks. I am in st George as well,  Sometimes the nursery grown was hows sunburn when they bring them here. They will grow out it it by next Spring/summer. 

If you are talking about the white / grey colored spots, I believe this to be deposits from your sprinklers. The water is very hard here.  It won’t bother a washy I’m the summer, but watch it if you water in the winter. Keep the crown dry unless it’s above the spray zone in winter. 

good luck! I think it will be fine. 


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Thank you for the information and recommendations, I'll stop worrying about it and follow your suggestion about watering. I have heard that about commercially cultivated "Filiferas", it is very frustrating and annoying that the cultivators won't label them as hybrids, but oh well. It's nice to see a fellow St. Georgian on here. I haven't had a chance to thoroughly view your profile posts, but i saw a couple, your yard is incredible!


Thanks again 


Colby M.

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