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Serenoa repens Silver Seedlings x3 for sale

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I have 3 Serenoa repens Silver (NOT Super) seedlings to sell as a lot. They are the only offspring from the beautiful Serenoa Silver palm on the berm overlooking our canal. Here in FL we have a real problem with people trespassing on private property to strip saw palmettos of their seeds for black market trade pharmaceuticals. Last summer my palm was loaded with fruit. By fall only a few were left. Seedlings for sale are about 6 months old. They germinate green and turn silver they grow.

Serenoa repens Silver seedlings: 3 @ $18.00 for the lot

Shipping = $10.00 via Priority Mail.      No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI

TOTAL DUE = $28.00

Payment via Paypal

PM me if you are interested




Mother Palm


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Darold Petty

I'm not in the market for this species, but that's a really nice palm !  :greenthumb:

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13 hours ago, PlantDad said:

Do you have any left?

Sorry, seedlings are sold.

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It's ok. Thank you for your time

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      THIS IS NO APRIL FOOL'S JOKE, it just happened today.  With permission from the Sullivan Family in Ventura, I have been documenting some of the species start of flowering to when seeds seem to become ripe to harvest during 2021.  Then Mother Nature throws a curve ball.  So. Cal. has been having it's typical DROUGHT, then the rare storm shows up...5 days with about 5 inches of rain coupled with 40-45 mph winds gusting to 50-60 mph and all of the seeds were off this palm, in the street gutter and on the grassy parkway where tiny worms were attacking them.  So many had to be thrown out during the cleaning process at home.  What was left of the fruit rubbed off by hand.  I did do a water soak for 1 day, 2 hour hydrogen peroxide soak to kill buggies and bacteria.  Photo #1 showing seeds just prior to being placed in 20 member community pots where some were 71 deg. F, some were 79 deg. F in my converted ice chests with 40 watt drop lights with lid raised photo #2, some were outdoors going through what nature not lower than 49 deg. F had and some in the garage steady between 50 - 60 deg. F.  Photo #3 & 4 are the 2 seedlings that had just pushed green through to peat/perlite surface, which I took an ice pick to move a little material away for the photo shoot.  The container closest to the light source was 79 deg. F and the container furthest away was 71 deg F.  I will update this thread as the family grows past 2 seedlings.

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      At what stage does silver Serenoa Repens start to have spines? 
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      I've lived in Hilton Head area for literally decades and never noticed any of the native Serenoa Repens being even remotely Silver until I stumbled across these today.  What's interesting to note is I found them in an area just east of Bluffton before the Bridge to Hilton Head, an area unusually subtropical looking for even Southern Beaufort County, which has more in common with Florida than the rest of the state. 

      Note the super limey ones on the far right to get a sense of contrast. 

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      Without listing all the palm types they range from 9a to 10b 

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