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    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      This Washingtonia hybrid seedling is about 9.5 months old and I noticed about a month ago how the trunk was starting to curve. This morning I was removing the oldest frond noticed that the boot ripped right off revealing what looks to be like the trunk rotting on bottom of one side, it’s all black.
      not sure if this is from bugs, or if that spot just kept getting wet. Other than this the palm looks fine. Newest frond is steadily growing 

    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      this man in Sibley Iowa (Zone 4) grew a Washingtonia to 20 feet tall by building a greenhouse over it in the winter time. Unfortunately he cut it down but still has a smaller second one
    • Sapiindo
      By Sapiindo
      There so many in my garden

    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Welp. Ol' Dirty Sanchez got a haircut and a beard trim today. I hope I didn't doom him, since he's gonna be awfully heavy to yeet into the dumpster. I went to check on Patio Squad after a heavy thunderstorm rolled through and cut off a brown frond - I don't know the scientific term here, but all the other petioles/spots where I cut dead fronds off previously felt like wet cardboard so I started snipping away until I got to dry tissue. He's already been declining from - I don't know, we guessed cold/frost damage in another thread. 
      Open to suggestions to keep him alive, even though he repeatedly stabs me. I'm hesitant to try peroxide since there's already so much moisture in his grow hole and under the old growth. As a backstory, his once big and stabby new fronds have turned into short and stabby new fronds as well. He's been the stabby cornerstone of Patio Squad for almost 2 years now. 

    • Mia
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