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Which Weather Phenomenon Do You Fear Most: Frosts/Freezes or Tropical Cyclones' Aftermath?

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It looks as though nature (or Divine Providence) is sparing the Miami-Lauderdale, FL area "Is-Aye-Ee-Ahs"  That is a nice way to begin August!  I guess that this is a temporary "reprieve" though as the next 60-70 days are a virtual shooting gallery in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico!

I wish all our palm-loving, palm nurturing & growing members the very best of wishes (and freedom from bad storms) during this stressful season ahead.

It kind of makes up a portion of my mind that asks itself: "what do I most fear as a threat to keeping my palmy landscape intact?"  Is in tropical cyclone season, or is it winter with it's potentially fatal, or at least damaging freeze/frost events?  I tend to lean towards fearing winter's cold more, because it seems more likely to get a bad cold spell than a hurricane.  What do you all think?  Which type of weather peril brings more shivers down your spine: cold waves or really bad storms?  

Regards, Andy.


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@BamaPalmer As far as palms go, cold weather wipes more of them out here than anything other weather event.

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Probably so.  Hurricanes do require more expensive home repairs and total landscape clean-ups on the other hand!  Both are very demoralizing and depressing events, I know!  Andy

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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So we got down to 12°F a few days ago and now it has warmed up and we are currently in the low 60s and yesterday was in the low 60s as well. My Butia bought simply as a "Pindo Palm" from Lowes in the Spring shows little damage so far. The only damage I can see is a bit of browning on parts of the oldest leaves and a spot here or there on the "middle aged" leaves. The newest ones look fine so far. I will keep everyone updated, but I expected to see more damage and sooner. One of my other smaller ones got burned pretty badly, about 60% defoliation. As for the one that is showing little signs of damage, I must have gotten a pretty tough one. None of my palms were given any protection. This is just Southwest of Richmond, VA. 

    • Xenon
      By Xenon
      I think they look better than the queens 

    • Ed in Houston
      By Ed in Houston
      It is still too early to discern all the damage from the recent freeze but here is what is apparent thus far. Lows were 28,22,28 with a 24 hour freeze duration at my place in far S.E. Houston. Much of Houston had 18-20. I have not been around town yet to survey the damage, just around my house and neighborhood.
      Chamaedorea metallica dead
      Chamaedorea plumosa dead
      Chamaedorea cataractarum dead
      Chamaedorea radicalis untouched
      Sabals - louisiana, mexicana, minor, all untouched
      Acoelorrhaphe wrightii- untouched
      Rhapidophyllum hystrix - untouched
      Phoenix canariensis - some foliage damage
      Serenoa repens silver- untouched
      Wash. robustas - some foliage damage showing on some specimens
      Queens- thus far lower half of fronds have collapsed most other fronds look damaged
      Chinese fan - some light foliage damage
      Pygmy dates- all sizes completely burned, probably dead
      Rhapis excelsa - moderate foliage damage, may lose some of the canes
      Chamaerops humilis- untouched
      Butia - untouched
      Pinanga kuhlii - dead
      Ravenea rivularis - defoliated, probably dead
      Zamia integrifolia defoliated
      Sago - defoliated
      Zamia furfuracea - defoliated
      Ed in Houston
    • Alan_Tampa
      By Alan_Tampa
      Looks like next week is cold o rama for Florida.  
    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      As you all know, Hurricane Irma in early September left damage and no power or water at my farm for 5 days, but I still had internet and phone service and it was far less than predicted. We in mainland PR breathed a sigh of relief and felt so much sympathy (we still do) for our smaller islands of Culebra and Vieques and so many other Caribbean islands. As Florida got nailed I saw the photos here on PT and elsewhere and grieved for all of you who met up with Irma.
      I unpacked all my potted plants and relaxed. For a couple of days.
      Then Maria headed for a visit and this time no last minute reprieves. Hurricane supplies in PR had been depleted already by Irma preparations so all D batteries and generators and such were long gone.
      I did manage to get a full tank of gas and a bit of extra water but I started out less well stocked than I had been prior to Irma. The idea of moving all my plants (that I had just moved back out) back in held no appeal but I knew it must be done.
      On to the photos, starting with some "before hurricane season" shots.

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