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    • xoRudy
      By xoRudy
      Good afternoon, 
      I was scrolling down my camera roll and I realized that I took some pictures of my palms in only two parts of my yard almost exactly a year ago. I figured I’d take some photos today and see the comparison in growth over the year. Enjoy! (I know my palms are close, that’s how I want them )
      First & Third photo are from August 22, 2020 (before)
      second and fourth photo are from September 1, 2021 (after)

    • xoRudy
      By xoRudy
      After a long hunt for a Green Bismarckia last year, finally found one and bought it from @Joe palma. I planted it in the ground on August of 2020. I was a bit concerned for it due to the health state of it, location of hole, time of planting and the climate here in Maricopa, Arizona. The winters touch the 20s and the summers touch the 118s. After using shaders for the months of August, September, and October (2020). Then wrapping it with a blanket on the cold winter days, I can now say that it’s grabbed and now growing. The growth of the palm over this year hasn’t been too crazy but the overal health, color, and look of the palm is amazing. I also haven’t used shaders this summer and it hasn’t skipped a beat.
      August 2020 (Top Photo)
      August 2021 (Bottom Photo) 

    • GoatLockerGuns
      By GoatLockerGuns
      This park is truly a Sabal pametto paradise.  I know, there are plenty of parks in Florida with wild Sabal palmetto forests; however, there is something about the way nature presents itself here that keeps me coming back.  These pictures were taken on Christmas Day of 2020.  I have also seen Roystonea regia and Serenoa repens growing in the park as well.

    • xoRudy
      By xoRudy
      Credit : Shamus O’ Leary’s Tropical Fruit trees
      Phoneix, Arizona

    • aztropic
      By aztropic
      My Copernicia rigida finally seems to have taken off this year with our record breaking heat waves. It's actually been planted in that spot for about 10 years now from a small seedling,but has just begun producing its first few upright fronds.Its been very slow for me, (maybe too much shade) but I'm hopeful it has an accelerated growth rate from this point forward. 

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