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Pal Meir

Inspecting My Bonsai Palms

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Pal Meir

The »Son of Palermo« is already 34 yr old, the T Wagner only 17:



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    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      About a week ago I picked up a small cocos nucifera from a local plant shop here in Seattle.  Last night (after some deliberation and a whiskey or two) I decided to try and turn it into a bonsai piece.  This is my first ever attempt at bonsai as well as my first time growing cocos nucifera so I'm prepared for disaster lol.  I just wanted to share some pics of the process with you guys and see what you think
      My thinking is over the next few months the roots will grow down into the media of the bonsai pot, so when I remove the upper plastic sleeve I'll be able to remove the lava rock from underneath the coconut and have it be elevated above the soil on it's roots like stilts.
      The next step will be figuring out the best way to slice down the existing leaves and prune them into what will eventually become that small curled bonsai shape.  I've watched a lot of youtube tutorials on this and have an idea of how to do it, but if anyone has tips on the best way to do this I'm all ears, I'm pretty much winging it at this point so any help is appreciated! 
      Cheers guys! 

    • kbob11
      By kbob11
      Currently 5f outside with a low of 1 tonight and -15f windchill.  Palm is chilly but I’m able to keep the air temps in the box above 20f and the ground is unfrozen.  Coldest weather since trying my winter methods.
      P.s. first 2 pictures from last year as I am keeping box sealed 

    • kbob11
      By kbob11
      Hi everyone,
          This is my first time attempting to grow a Chamaerops humilis indoors.  I am battling a scale problem but aside from that I have noticed the fronds getting darker and darker green.  I keep this indoors for roughly 5 months of the year.  I am posting wondering how others treat this species indoors.  Any tips; watering, lighting, fert would be greatly appreciated! 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Does anyone know anything about Southern Frances Chamaerops humilis population? I recall seeing a map of its range here once and it included a tiny area of Southern France. Are there any pictures of them anywhere? Google wasn’t much help. Is the population even still there? 
    • Brad Mondel
      By Brad Mondel
      After all of these years I finally got to buy a house with over half an acre and now almost all of the palms are planted.
      I am in zone 8a South Carolina above the fall line!
      It is a work in progress so don't judge.

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