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Established palms and some tropical stuff

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Peachy is on the move but most of the stuff here is too big to take with me.  As the entire place is being bulldozed I can't bear to see the palms destroyed, so anyone with a spade is welcome to come and help themselves. There is a 2 week deadline however.

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Great to see you posting peachy I wish I lived closer I would give you a hand I hope somebody helps you out good luck

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    • DoomsDave
      By DoomsDave
      Howdyall, it's that time again.
      Some of my palm buds have given me a BUNCH of Chamadorea radicalis seeds, and now they're available for all who want some.
      Send me a Private Message (PM) with your address and I'll mail them, anywhere in the world. Please say "Free radicalis seed" or something like that in the subject line. If you've gotten seeds before, you can get more. This is to spread palm love. I'll wait a till after the New Year before sending out seed, to see how many want some, and give the posties a bit of a breather before the onslaught.
      In years past, they've gone to Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Serbia, South Korea, Canada, India, Phillipines, Poland, Russia, England, Sweden, Croatia (expletive), France, and even (gasp!) Madagascar! As well as many places in the USA.
      This has been a popular giveaway, and why not? The palms are small, take heat, cold, drought, will grow outdoors in places you might not even imagine palms surviving. They're a mix of bush and tree type. The tree types only get about 2 M (6 feet, more or less) tall. So, unless you're in a really low-ceiling house, they'll stay in a pot for life. They'll take 20 F outside, even lower if protected. They're best in shade, but will survive sun. Remember, these are Death Camp Grown(TM). If you kill the plants, well, we all have problems.
      SEND ME YOUR PMS! And happy holidays.
    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      Greetings Palmers!

      I'm helping my significant other move back to the baked frozen tundra, and so I will be in Florida next week.

      I'll have some free time here and there (I think). Is there anything going on in the Ft. Lauderdale area on or around the weekend of the 21-22nd?

      Obviously I'll be filling my pockets with every seed, nut and pod I can get my hands on. Are there any palm-centric things I should make sure to see before I drive back to corn country?


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