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    • Teegurr
      By Teegurr
      Hi, new member here. I just received these Canary Island date palm seeds from treeseeds.com. I wonder how long I should keep them indoors and when to plant outside. Also, what soil would be good for them? I appreciate the help! 

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all!! 
      I was at a local nursery last weekend and noticed a few of there canary island date palms had suckers growing from base/trunk. 
      From what i understand phoenix canariensis don't sucker. Any thoughts? 

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! Just wanted to get your opinion on what could be causing my canary island date palms to have dark/ burned looking spots on each rachis that has come out this summer? 
      The palm seems to be very happy as it has put out quite a few new fronds, just curious. 
    • palmie
      By palmie
      I have a mature Canary Island Date Palm that needs fertilizer badly.  The margins of the fronds are turning yellow prematurely. I finally got the right fertilizer, but I’m not sure how to apply it.  The instruction says to apply it to the area under the canopy.  But the area under canopy are mostly hedges and grass. What do I suppose to do? 
      Apply the fertilizer to the hedges and grass and hope that the wrong fertilizer won’t kill them and some will make it to the root zones of the palm??  
      Alternatively, skip the hedges and the grass, apply only to the Root Initiation Zone (RIZ) of the palm wherever possible, including the dormant aerial roots?
      I’m in South California.  The fertilizer I initially ordered was Palmgain, but it never arrived.  I went to a local store and got Palmtone (organic 4-1-5) and Epsom Salt instead to mimic Palmgain.  Since Palmtone is organic, I'm assuming it's ok to apply close to the trunk where the RIZ is.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Marc
      By Marc
      Can one effectively prune phoenix roots and what is the best strategy for doing that?  I have a number of phoenix in large pots (e.g., 25G plus) and unlike most other families, phoenix will grow roots so aggressively that they will lift the entire palm, root base, soil and all right out of the pot such that it's no longer aesthetic.  I'm attaching two photos below that show this.  I think it was in a David Lesser book that I saw a photo at Versailles with many dozens of date palms in pots, i.e., I'd like to keep these in pots of the same size but this would require aggressive root pruning strategies.  Does anyone have any words of wisdom?  The species I've got in mind are Dactilyfera and Reclinata.

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