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    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      I love PalmTalk! But not gonna lie, I sometimes have trouble finding a space to post certain things I have going on. Probably need to start a blog, but eh nah lol, we’ll go with this! 
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Pretty sure this is squirrel damage...

      I noticed several fronds drooping and thought it a natural shed and this was part of the process, but the “ shed” was painfully asymmetrical. Upon closer inspection, I found this! It gnawed the underside of the petiole, thus causing the collapse.

      Tell you what, squirrel pot pie sounds great about now. The symmetry of my palm is being ruined. It hasn’t hit the upper third...yet but I’m sending out a dinner alert for all those red tailed hawks that are visiting for the winter. Honestly, of all the things that could happen...mulling splint supports...maybe a baffle (which should really add to the beauty of my palm) any other suggestions?
    • Zoltan
      By Zoltan
      I see some people say Dypsis Lucentes usda zone 10 and up.I disasagree with that at least here in Florida.
      In St Augustine by Aligator farm entrance you can see many of them.I talked to the zoo and they told me they planted them maybe 15 yrs ago as 5-7 gallons by now they are tall maybe 12 feet or more.You can see them from A1A. But also you see some in downtown around the belive or not.This is usda zone 9a .But if this is not enough,I live in Jacksonville at oceanway which is east of 95 ,we have on Pulaski rd zip code 32218 by church for minimum 10 yrs  about 10 -12 feet tall. planted right by entrance the wall.  And if this is still not enough at Jacksonville Airport at Hilton has at pool backside of the building w/o any protection beside it planted right by the building.So I think if you place it on sunny side and close to building it can tolarete all the way to Jacksonville. I don’t have any idea about 8b zone like west of Nort Florida or Ga …Also I know a person listed close to Jacksonville airport she planted a Dypsis decaying “ triangle palm “ back in 1990 right by her house.It’s made it eversince and it’s way taller than her house.She protected at beginning heat pad etc .She has some photo at palmtalk . I have 2 of them I never heated them ,but covered however I can’t cover anymore they are out of reach .Over 12 feet or so.I got them from Home Depot 3 or 4 years ago.Even leaves get touched they come back nicely.Mine not planted by house but by fence and it get early sun till late afternoon sun…

    • Paradise Found
      By Paradise Found
      I've been thinking of planting one soon.  and like to know if anyone else has any experience with them in the PNW? Good or Bad results. 
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Are there distinguishing characteristics for this Trachy? I’ve read they have thicker trunks and bright yellow tips on their more rigid leaf segments?
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