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Eric Thompson

Washingtonia Robusta germination for nubes like me

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Eric Thompson

Hi folks just put up another video, stop on by if you have a chance. Basic seed germination as well as a look at my largest seed grown washy. 

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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Several female Chamaedorea tepejilote in my backyard jungle have produced a crop of 120+ seeds between them. I have divided them into two equal lots for two interested buyers. Read more about this palm species here:
      See summary below:
      Chamaedorea tepejilote fresh 2020 seeds - Two Lots Only: 60 seeds @ $15.00 for each Lot
      Shipping: $5.00      No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
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      I have two Washingtonia Palms in the back yard, I'm wondering what type I have. I have a 5 gal, which I'm pretty sure its a Robusta but on some days I think its a Filbusta. I also have a little seedling that I posted a while back, but its put out some new leafs. Filifera, Robusta, or Filbusta? 
      First 5 pics are the 5 gal
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      Hello my Fellow Palm Talkers, I purchased a Washy (labeled as a Filifera, imo its a Filibusta) about a month ago from HD, I normally don't get my palms from big name corporations, however this palm was priced very low for its size and for the area I live in, St. George, Utah. It's been in the ground for a month, I've been good about watering it,  and I use fish emulsion fertilizer during planting, in my experience it usually helps reduce transplant shock. Anyways, I'm concerned about a couple of things, however the speckling on the petioles is my main concern. I'm wondering what it may be, and what I can do to treat it or remedy it. Any input, recommendations, thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. I hope everybody is doing as well as they can during these stressful and challenging times! I hope you all stay safe and healthy! God Bless,

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      My Carpentaria is producing a bounty of red fruit and seeds. Is there any interest in these seeds or should I send them to the compost pile?

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      I have a 10" pot of 60+ seedlings of Ptychosperma robusta from my mother palm. About 10 years ago I bought a young clustering Ptychosperma at a sale. The seller called it "Ptychosperma robusta", which was not then and is not now a valid binomial, to my knowledge. He knew nothing else about it. When it was smaller I posted photos in hope someone on the forum would recognize it but got no response. Anyway it has grown quite large and so tall I can't easily photograph its crown. I remove its offsets to keep it at two stems that are 4-5" diameter each, quite chunky by Ptychosperma standards. It grows quickly, flowers and seeds easily and ripe fruit is vibrant red. The infructescences are so high up we can no longer reach them with ladders or pole saws. As a result seedlings pop up all around it in the jungle. The other day I dug up over 80 seedlings and rather than compost them, will find them a new home. I can say this unknown species is completely hardy here and took down to 38F last winter. I hope some enterprising palm lover can offer these seedlings a home. And I hope someone can give it a valid name if one exists. Seedlings will be sent via Priority Mail with roots wrapped in damp orchid moss, clear wrap and foil. Take  a leap into the unknown. See summary below
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