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First Dypsis lutescens

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I just bought my first Dypsis lutescens (clump) at a local nursery to use as a potted plant. What are some things I should know about these? How fast do these grow? I saw some big ones in the nursery that had full sized trunks. Would it be possible to separate some of the smaller ones from the edge of the clump without hurting the others? 


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Yes you can separate them. Just keep in shade for a month or so afterward. The color of your plant looks shade grown so be careful about putting it out in full sun all at once right away.

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I have grown many from seed. And I keep them seperate in pots so they don’t look as clumped as yours even though they start to sucker at two years old. They do grow prettt fast for a Palm and are easy to keep In pots. I find them water hungry but good drainage is needed I give mine led lighting and lots of warmth 

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They are clumpers but most commercial palm sellers peddle them with multiple seedlings stuffed into pots. They compete with one another until most of the smaller/weaker plants die and leave a few strong ones. I found that by potting up individual palms I end up with multiple plants that are stronger by not having to fight to survive. This species is beautiful and colorful when it is thinned to several trunks and you can see each one. And occasionally D. lutescens produces solitary trunked palms.

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