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Seeking Misc Species Palm Seeds Brahea etc.

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Bon Apres-Midi,

I'm looking to acquire a handful or so(whatever one may have to spare) of the following species of palm seeds. I'd be much obliged for your generosity.

!) misc Brahea Species

2)Cocothrinax dussiana

3)Dypsis plumosa

4 Adonidia merrillii

5)Archontophoenix alexandrae 

6) Sabal Species(Not Sabal minor)


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    • Brad Mondel
      By Brad Mondel
      After all of these years I finally got to buy a house with over half an acre and now almost all of the palms are planted.
      I am in zone 8a South Carolina above the fall line!
      It is a work in progress so don't judge.

    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      I have some seeds from a Texas Sabal for free or if you want to trade for other cold hardy seeds for 8b.
      I also have some pure filifera and dactylifera seeds.

    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      These are from the Sabal Palm Sanctuary near Brownsville TX. 

    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
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      Welp, the weather is warm and I’m finally going to tour my palms after this winter. This winter was very warm for Maryland Standards. The lowest temperature I can recall is 19°F. Which is good for my palms’ first winter to help acclimate them. 
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      Still quarantining here in Cape Coral (It's Just Paradise), FL. And it's been a while since I posted any photos. I spent several weeks sewing masks and surgical caps for my son and daughter-in-law on the medical front lines as well as masks for my husband and me. It's also been hot and sweltering as well as drought stricken around here and because of that and that the monthly injection I give myself for chronic migraines ran out a week early, I was unable to spend much time outside. But..... We got a whopping 0.4" of rain this past week (the rest of the FL got 10x that) followed by one last gasp of cool, dry air and I was able to rectify my oversight and take some photos.
      About a month ago someone on PT asked me to take updated photos of my Caribbean Garden in front of the house. Around 95% of the palms in this garden come from that part of the world. The few interlopers are grandfathered in because they were planted before I adopted a unifying theme for this part of the yard. The genus Coccothrinax forms the backdrop. Some of them were planted as far back as 2004 and have weathered multiple hurricanes and tropical storms. If I were forced to plant only one genus of palm, Coccos would be my choice. They are tough yet elegant and the sight of those starlike leaves swaying with the breeze can brighten anyone's soul.
      Caribbean Garden Views, Cape Coral, FL, 2020

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