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Bill H2DB

Palms and a BIG oak on a breezy day in Florida

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Bill H2DB

Here's a video of some palms under the large live oak hanging over much of my yard . I call her  " Big Bertha " .

 Those branches up there are each around 42" or more in diameter . A nice breezy day , with the Spanish Moss swaying .


49838573191_f015fda979_c.jpgBreezy day in Florida by Bill H, on Flickr



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    • missknich
      By missknich
      Need help identifying this palm tree. Thank you.

    • PalmatierMeg
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      I can't remember when I planted this Chamaedorea in the western edge of our jungle. I scarcely noticed it at all until it sent up a crop of seeds. It appears to be solitary and non-trunking and I wonder, "Could it be C. radicalis?" Can someone confirm or steer me in the right direction? Thanks
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      As many people know, South Florida has been much warmer than usual over the past few years (summers, winters). Lately there have been many record high lows and high daytime highs. 
      I have seen graphs showing a general warming trend in Miami over the past 100 years or so...it averages out to 2 or 3 degrees warmer than what it used to be in the early 1900s.
      My question is, do you think this is just because of cyclic patterns of warm and cool periods coinciding with urbanization? Or is this a long term trend? I have read about frosts being somewhat frequent at Fairchild in the 70s and now they are very rare if any even occurr in a winter.

      What are your experiences in South Florida regarding this warming?
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      There's several more days of rain expected .  I've had about 5.6" here since last Friday , including one burst of 3.2" in a little over one hour .
        That caused some localized flooding here in Holly Hill .
      During that one , some water got into the garage , which unfortunately sits below the elevation of the house and driveway .
        You may need to  right click the video , to make it run .
      Rainy day in Holly Hill... by Bill H, on Flickr
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      I received some Chamaedorea radicalis seeds about one week ago, and have had them soaking in water since (changing water out, of course). I’m about to sow them but I noticed there is a thin looking layer of shell or something around the actual seed, should I try to peel that off or is it fine if it stays on? 

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