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    • Chester B
      By Chester B
      Pretty standard stuff but the whole lot cost me $35 including shipping. I figure there’s about 100 Sabal minor seedlings. I just couldn’t pass it up even though I have no need for them. I’m planning on doing some guerilla planting and a mass planting in my own yard. 

    • KsLouisiana
      By KsLouisiana
      So last weekend we did a trip to Avery Island, La to the jungle gardens tour at the tabasco factory.  It was really cool. We saw some amazing sabals and sabal minors everywhere! We also saw some really nice cycads that I have not seen in Louisiana before. Could y'all possibly identify the cycad? We also saw a HUGE Chinese fan palm. Was wondering if anyone else has been there before. Also just letting y'all know it's a great place for a weekend trip :)

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have two seeding Sabal minors on the edge of my Garden Lot. I grew them from seeds sent to me by a PTer who collected them about 10 years ago from a Sabal in Savannah, GA. He thought they might be a dwarfed variety of Sabal minor but I am not sure of that. Each palm is about 4' wide by 4' tall and is seeding. Is there any interest in these seeds from US PTers? I plan to send them uncleaned. Let me know soon as I plan to cut/compost them if no one wants them.
      Sabal minor Savannah #1

      Sabal minor Savannah #2

    • Will
      By Will
      I just got a small Sabal minor a week ago and was wondering if I can still plant it outside. Would it be better to wait for Spring so it can develop roots for a whole growing season or can I still plant it outside now?
      I am located in the Eastern parts of Austria, near to Vienna. So winters might get cold, but shouldn't drop below -12°C / 10°F.

    • donofriojim1
      By donofriojim1
      Not palm related but I have this in my palm garden. This in my Eucalyptus Neglecta. It is a little over 6 feet tall. I planted it in march,2020 as a 3ft tree from Plant Delights nursery. It has never been protected other than good sighting.  It was un phased by a winter low of 4 degrees Fahrenheit and two weeks below freezing during the arctic blast last February. Cincinnati zone 6b.

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