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Any ideas on the identity--maybe a Wallichia or Arenga? Grayish leaf undersides, not white; individuals leaves quite thin and not undulated. Fronds are about 5 feet long . . . Thanks! Included image of new offshoot and trunk. 





Mystery 5.jpg

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    • Really full garden
      By Really full garden
      I live in a real jungle and it is easy for my palms to "disappear". This morning we actually had some sun and so I went exploring and found a 3m tall Wallichia oblongifolia shining in the dappled sun .I have not seen this palm for at least three years and it has done very well on its own.When it was planted four years ago it was Wallichia densiflora.

      I also found a variegated rhapis palm on deaths door that I hope I can save (planted in a too wet and now too dark location).

      Our rainy season is starting to slow down.We are getting just an inch of rain per day instead of the usual five to six inches just a week ago.

    • gyuseppe
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      Hello to all
      I had this with an exchange, have said it is a Chamaedorea,I see that it is not a Chamaedorea.
      I think a arenga,is arenga?

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      Check out this monster and bizzare inflorescence on this palm. It's flowered before, but never this large.
      I remember seeing Bill Austin's do this and you do a double take when you see it. It looks like Audrey in 'Little Shop of Horrors.'

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