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Eric Thompson

Importing Cycad Seeds To Canada

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Eric Thompson

Hi All, 

Is there anyone out there that can recommend me a good source for cycads whether it be a business or personal. CITES is a bit confusing so someone with experience they could share would be great.  

My real interest is in encephalartos species which is a no fly as far as buying from a business like RPS or similar being appendix i . I did however find a section on species cultivated in "captivity". This section states that if a specimen has been pollinated or cultivated artificially in captivity that is is to be treated as appendix ii. This to me appears to open the door to export from the States to Canada.

****This is Stated in CITES Article Vll section 4 and 5***

If you have any info or are willing to help me out on this that would be amazing. 

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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      It was interesting to see these Cycas species growing at the edge of this channel between two small islands in the Indian Ocean.  We are all familiar with Cocos nucifera growing at the ocean's edge.  The vertical rocks were placed as a barrier with a tiny sand beach below.  This was on a small island adjacent to North Pagai Island in the Mentawai islands of Indonesia.  Bottom line it appears that at least some Cycas have no problems growing right at the water's edge where their roots would inevitably be exposed to a saline water table below sea level.

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      I have a couple blue leaf arenarius for sale. These are 7-8"  and have offsets. For some reason I can't upload pictures.  Pm for pictures. Located in Yorba Linda
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      I've had this Zamia for a few years and never been able to id it.   It coned in 2018 and 2017 and never pushes more than 2 leaves at a time.  It has a smooth rachis, flushes with the brown leaves which get a bluish tint underneath as they begin to harden off, finally turning a deep green.  Any identification thoughts?

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      I have a gigantic, potted Zamia picta/variegata with extreme variegation that I got from Christian Faulkner as a tiny seedling 9-10 years ago. This species of Zamia is the only naturally variegated one. It is now an adult female taller than I am that produced seeds earlier this year. I assumed the seeds were infertile but did not notice that I had a male potted Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??) sitting right next to it that I'd bought at a Palm Beach sale some years back. Lo, about a month ago I noticed that tiny variegated Zamia seedlings were popping up next to my mother cycad. I potted up 8 of them to find a new home and am selling them as a lot. See summary below
      Zamia picta/variegata x Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??): Eight 1-leaf Seedlings @ $3.00 each = $24.00
      Shipping via Priority Mail = $8.00     No shipping to HI. No shipping outside of US
      TOTAL = $32.00
      Payment via Paypal. PM me if you are interested.
      Seedlings for sale. All are developing variegation like the mother.

      Mother: Zamia picta/variegata. Note intense variegation and size of plant.

      Father: Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??)

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      I have 110+ harvested seeds from this Zamia sp/hyb I posted for ID in the topic I'm linking to below:
      I've given some thought to the the provenance of the seeds and suspect, but can't affirm, that at least one parent of the mother plant is Z. loddigesii. The mother plant came from a compot of small seedlings I bought at a Palm Beach sale some years back. I had planned to grow and sell them but ended up keeping them as I've developed a fondness for the often overlooked Zamia genus.
      Seeds are available as follows:
      Two Lots of 55+ seeds for $20.00 per lot + $5.00 shipping per Lot
      One Lot of 110+ seeds for $30.00 + $5.00 shipping
      Seeds will shipped uncleaned in a padded envelope. No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI.
      Payment via Paypal. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks
      Photos of harvested seeds below:

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