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Potential Over Fertilizing of Nitrogen & Potassium?

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Hello All!

I am a novice gardener who has recently noticed changes in color in my palms. My location is Tulum Mexico, we have hard water, which could be something to note as well.

Recently I had a new gardener come in who put fertilizer pellets down all over my garden which I think may have been a bad idea as I have read that you should not put turf fertilizer within 50 feet of a palm because it could create problems? I asked my gardener what it was weeks after the fact after trying to diagnose my palms' issues and he said nitrogen and potassium - the fertilizer looks like small blue pellets. I read "Never use turf fertilizer within 50 feet of any palm. Your palms are actually better off with no fertilizer than receiving turf fertilizer. If you use turf fertilizer on palms, you could potentially kill them. Turf fertilizer can induce a potassium deficiency because the nitrogen is slow release but the potassium is not."

I am seeing yellowing and what I believe to be symptoms of issues due to this fertilizer. However, I've also been learning how little water a palm actually likes, so perhaps some of this yellowing is due to over watering on my part.

My question is this - if he only laid down a small amount of pellets one time will this end up killing my mature palms or will they recover?

Link to google drive images attached.

Palm Image 1

Palm Image 2

Palm Image 3

Thanks so much!

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