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    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      I have some seeds from a Texas Sabal for free or if you want to trade for other cold hardy seeds for 8b.
      I also have some pure filifera and dactylifera seeds.

    • KsLouisiana
      By KsLouisiana
      Alright. So I live in Lake Charles Louisiana and about a month ago we took a day trip down to the Cameron Parish beach. For those that don't know this area, the coast is very remote in most parts of Cameron. Not a lot of development.  So we found this palm washed up on the edge of the dunes where everything from the gulf washes up.  It had no leaves left baking out in the salt and sun but a little bit of green on the growth point. So we decided to throw it in the truck and try to rehab it, so we can plant it at our new house in the fall. So we wrapped the roots with dirt and burlap and sure enough it started to grow and even flower in a short amount of time. We definitely know it's some kind of palmetto but not sure what kind. It could even be from the Caribbean or Mexico. Please help identify and give any tips to help the survival. Thanks!

    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      These are from the Sabal Palm Sanctuary near Brownsville TX. 

    • Luxliving
      By Luxliving
      Bon Apres-Midi,
      I'm looking to acquire a handful or so(whatever one may have to spare) of the following species of palm seeds. I'd be much obliged for your generosity.
      !) misc Brahea Species
      2)Cocothrinax dussiana
      3)Dypsis plumosa
      4 Adonidia merrillii
      5)Archontophoenix alexandrae 
      6) Sabal Species(Not Sabal minor)
    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      Welp, the weather is warm and I’m finally going to tour my palms after this winter. This winter was very warm for Maryland Standards. The lowest temperature I can recall is 19°F. Which is good for my palms’ first winter to help acclimate them. 
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