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    • Ohio State Palm Grower
      By Ohio State Palm Grower
      Hello, I am in Port Clinton, Ohio on the lakes southern Shore and I was wondering if windmill palms can be long term in 7a. Many people have them but they may need protection. My friend, Amy, in Washington, DC has one in her garden so I figured I could too. My neighbors even have a small windmill palm. 
    • MarioPalmCUBA
      By MarioPalmCUBA
      Mi primer post lo quiero dedicar a este importante tema, se trata de la especie Corypha taliera (Extinta es su hábitat natural),  nativa de Myanmar (Birmania)y la región bengalí de la India y Bangladesh y que dentro de sus características podemos destacar que su inflorescencia son apicales (el ápice vegetativo se transforma en yema floral) por lo que muere después de su única floración. 
      En el Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos se cuenta con tres individuos plantados en 1970 y que se encuentran en fase terminal (Fin de fructificación) de los cuales se han colectado una gran cantidad de semillas y se trabaja en su reproducción en vivero además del monitoreo mensual de la regeneración natural que posee cada individuo en un radio reducido de 5 m2. En las fotos se puede apreciar su enorme inflorescencia y la presencia de algunos frutos.

    • kinzyjr
      By kinzyjr
      The Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society seed bank has been updated.  Want to get a jump on spring?  Order today! 
      Please visit http://cfpacs.com/org/seeds-for-sale/ for ordering instructions:

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      I went to Kew Gardens for my birthday on Tuesday 22nd September. 
      A great chance to check out the gardens and the fantastic glass houses, of which several were unfortunately closed due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, plenty of palms and exhibits were still on display and in their full glory on a beautiful sunny autumn/fall day here at 51N in southeastern England. The air temperature was around 27C / 80F at the time of visiting. Conditions are very dry at present as we have had no rainfall at all during September so far, and only around 4-5 inches of rain over the past 6 months, since 1st March. 
      Here is a photo-documentation of the gardens, glass houses and the various palms located within. The first of several posts...

      Unfortunately some of the attractions and glass houses were closed due to the pandemic, although the main couple were still open. Please excuse me for not naming each palm individually...

      Crossing on to the temperate glass house...

      More to follow...
    • SW_FL_Palms
      By SW_FL_Palms
      Plant sale at the Edison Estates Saturday Sept 12, 2020
      Calusa Palm & Palm Tree Gardens will be there.
      We have Satakentias,  Foxy Lady, Variegated Rhapis, and more.
      Wide variety of plants other than palms will also be available.
      Also Tropical Plant Sale at Rotary Park in Cape Coral on Saturday, Oct 24. from 9-2

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