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CFPACS - 03/07/2020 - Part I - Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - Sarasota, FL

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Some photos from the CFPACS visit to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

Ficus altissima


Licuala spinosa


Rhapidophyllum hystrix


Acoelorrhaphe wrightii


Satakentia liukiuensis


Thrinax radiata


Coccothrinax barbadensis


Howea forsteriana (1)


Howea forsteriana (2)


Sabal yapa


Coccothrinax crinita


Coccothrinax argentata


Some very large Golden cocos... don't stand under these :)


Salacca magnifica


Calyptrocalyx spicatus


Out in the jungle...



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A few more photos.

Waterfall into the Koi pond.


Koi pond


Desert garden (Next 5 photos)










Ficus benghalensis (in fruit)


Pandanus utilis bearing fruit


Nannorrhops ritchiana


Pitcher plants


Conservatory Desert garden


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Wow and thank you!

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piping plovers

Beautiful photos.  Thank you.  I was there 30 years ago and always wanted to return.  I remember their orchid and epiphyte displays at that time being very impressive.

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@bubba + @piping plovers There are more photos on our Facebook page.  If you're using a PC, you won't need an account to see them (I don't use Facebook).  On my phone it's sometimes difficult to bypass the sign-up/login nag:

CFPACS Facebook

Our photographer managed to get some better shots of some of the plants at both Selby and Rob Branch's garden than I did, so it's worth a look if you have the time.

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piping plovers

Yes, thanks for the link to the photos.  What a great opportunity to visit gardens with other plant enthusiasts.

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      By kinzyjr
      A few photos of the crew admiring Tahina spectabilis:

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      This will be a 3 day field trip.  Members can feel free to attend any or all of the days.  More information available here:
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      SUMMER MEETING At our last meeting, it was announced that we would meet at Leu Gardens on or around June 13, 2020.  Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns and Orlando cancelling all indoor meetings through June, we will not be holding an official meeting.  A group of members who have reciprocal memberships to Leu Gardens will go that morning to walk the gardens while respecting the social distancing guidelines.  Others are welcome to do the same should they deem it safe to do so.   QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER The Palmateer will still be published and those who wish to submit an article, photograph or other content are encouraged to email their content to palmateer@cfpacs.com by June 15th.  If you write an article with pictures, it is requested to also attach the original images as the images embedded in document files do not always resize properly.  For those looking for back issues to read during quarantine, they are posted here: http://cfpacs.com/org/palmateer/   While you are at the site, you should notice that it has a new look that is much improved.   SEED BANK The seed bank portion of the site is scheduled for a long overdue update to reflect our current inventory.  Those with seeds to donate should contact our seed bank coordinator at: Theseedbank@yahoo.com   LOOKING FORWARD The plan for the year was to have the Fall Meeting at Montgomery Botanical Gardens and the Holiday meeting somewhere on the east coast.  With the current situation being what it is, it's really a guess as to whether those plans will be altered, amended or cancelled as we move forward through tenuous times.  Notification will be through email if you are on our mailing list and will be posted on PalmTalk.   Stay safe everyone!
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