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    • climate change virginia
      By climate change virginia
      Hi is there a hardy alternative to bottle palms that can survive in zone 8a I don't care about the leaves the leaves can be pinnate palmate either one is fine. Thanks. 
    • The7thLegend
      By The7thLegend
      I'm trying to figure out what I have here, 2 young palms but maybe enough features now to narrow it down.  Any ideas?
      Seedling #1 - Very lush green, aggressive root system, fast grower, looking like a Phoenix (maybe Canary or long shot rupicola) or I could be way off.

      Seedling #2 - Green with blue hue, moderate grower that seems to be getting a little faster, originally thought blue minor but it's been growing an above grown trunk.

    • Alex37
      By Alex37
      Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for butiagrus seeds (Butia x syagrus r.), I live in Italy, is there anyone who has them?
    • chocolatethunda
      By chocolatethunda
      Hi, hope everybody had a great weekend. Can anyone help me ID this palm, if I'm not mistaken it's a date palm but I don't know which one specifically. As you can see it sprouted a lot of seedlings of which I have luckily potted a few.

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! 
      I have been taking care of my neighbors sago palm for the last two summers, watering it every day feeding it fertlizier every other month l, managanese, sulfur, a mix of palm tree food. This summer it looked promising and I thought it was going to flush.  Below is a picture from about 2 months ago and afterwards is a picture of today. I noticed it may have been buried a little deep so I took some of the dirt around it out. I go out and water every morning as the cycad doesn't get much water otherwise. Any help would be appreciated. 

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