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The 22nd Annual Spring Searle Brothers Plant Extravaganza! -●●●- March 6th, 7th, 8th – 13th, 14th, 15th -●●●- S. Florida

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Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &

The Rainforest Collection®


The 22nd Annual Spring

Plant Extravaganza!


March 6th, 7th, 8th – 13th, 14th, 15th,  2020



Palms and plants galore, let the season begin. The first two months of the year have been exceptionally busy in the S. Florida plant world. Day to day, week to week, it has been one plant-related event after another. This is always welcomed, along with a particularly warm and mild winter. Although we might not be ‘out of the woods’ just yet, reaching mid-February is always a milestone when calculating potential cold snaps. The winter has been mild -- yet on the dry side, but most of the palms here can’t complain. There has been one cold snap of note so far, during the fourth week of January, timed right at the beginning of the trade show TPIE which it usually occurs. I woke up to find 35°F (1.7°C) in my front yard. It didn’t last long and the day warmed up fast, so I had no damage, even on my sacrificial tell-tale plants.

The nursery has been busy with plant sales around the state; with the Edison Estate Garden Festival two weekends ago in Ft. Myers and the always phenomenal and fun Key West Sale this past weekend. The plant selection process for these two sales were combined in a way to help accelerate the same process for the upcoming Extravaganza. The core of the selection has begun and will continue for the next two weeks leading up to the first Friday of the sale. As soon as I have the first draft of the palm list, I will post it as an attachment to showcase it as fast as possible. I have already received inquiries as to what plants will be offered this Spring, and I am sure there will be more. In addition to the plant sale, the topics of conversation I am sure will focus on a number of things, including the upcoming Biennial, which is about three months away.

The Searle Brothers Plant Extravaganzas have become exciting plant events and a great way for IPS Members, Palmtalk Forum Members and fellow tropical palm & plant enthusiasts to come together and meet in the South Florida area. The events have always been a great way to spend a weekend (or two) in the company of those who share your passion for gardening and collecting tropical ornamental plants. To describe the events as just mere plant sales would be an understatement; as they have become much more in the form of social events for our friends and family. Forum members, friends and fellow plant collectors have all come from far and wide to attend and we are continuously surprised in the distances they will cover to share in the event. In regards to the following details, I have tried to include as much information about the upcoming Spring 'Ganza as I could. If you see something that you know should be included and it is absent, please post the idea(s) here or contact me, Jeff Searle or the nursery with the methods listed below and let us know...




South Florida Location:
Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc.
6640 SW 172nd Avenue
Southwest Ranches, Florida 33331
Western Broward County
*see Map below...

Spring 2020 Schedule:
Friday, March 6th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday, March 7th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM 
Sunday, March 8th - 9:00AM - 4:00PM

also, the following weekend...
Friday, March 13th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday, March 14th - 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday, March 15th - 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Barbecue Lunch:
Our Famous Weekend Free BBQ Lunch
First Weekend: (Saturday 11:00AM - 2:00PM) & (Sunday, 11:00AM - 2:00PM) (or until supplies last)



Contact List:
Nursery Office #: (954) 658-4319 Nursery Fax #: (954) 680-2750
Nursery Website: https://www.rainforestcollection.com

Jeff Searle: phone #: (954) 658-4317 Email: palms@rainforestcollection.com
Private Message - Jeff Searle: https://www.palmtalk.org/forum/index.php?/messenger/compose/&to=23

Ryan (Palmarum) Email: palmthetree@yahoo.com or PM me a message through the Forum


The map below is a general street map of western Broward County, Florida showing the location of the nursery (Palm tree symbol). Using Sheridan Street would be the best option to get to the nursery if you are heading west through the area. If you are taking the Florida Turnpike, use the Griffin Road exit from the north, or the Pines Blvd. exit from the south. If you need any additional directions, please contact the nursery, Jeff or I (Ryan). When you get close to the nursery, look for large power lines as they run east and west above the nursery. Parking is along the shoulder of 172nd Avenue in front of, and down the street from, the nursery entrance. If you intend to arrive early before sunrise (and many usually do) be wary of hard-to-see speed bumps along 172nd Avenue and there is a possibility of a speed trap as well. There has been considerable construction along I-75 so the exits near Sheridan Street and Griffin Road have been changed slightly compared to previous years. Express lanes have been added to I-75, they may or may not make the trip faster.


Plant Availability, Photo Requests:

For plant availability including a copy of the ever-growing list of palms, cycads and other information regarding which plants and species will be for sale, please contact the nursery, Jeff Searle or I (Ryan). The plant selection process has already begun and will continue right up to the last day before the first morning of the Extravaganza, (sometimes even on the mornings of each event day if the need applies.) The sale lists for palms, cycads and crotons will be made available as soon as they are completed. Special selections might be pulled for sale as requests, but only if the plants are available. There will be certain species, varieties and cultivars that will only be available in limited quantities. These rarer plants will likely sell out quickly in the morning hours, so be sure to arrange your wish list accordingly. Plant groups may have been moved around the sales area, relocated or added in with others. In order to speed your way to your favorite plants please ask a nearby staff member or volunteer as to their location.

Like with previous events, I will be able to provide preview photos of the actual plants for sale. They will be posted in this topic for those who are interested. Send me a message or an email with the names of the plants you would like to see. Sale booklets or sale lists will be made available at the Extravaganza. They will include the list of palms, cycads and crotons for sale. Brochure holders positioned along the main shade house sidewalk will have the booklets/sale lists and other information on display. As soon as I have a basic draft list of species and varieties for sale, I will be able to email or PM it to anyone who would want a copy and will post it here as an attachment. Each plant will be priced with either a lavender tag or will have the price written on the pot and/or on the display card or sign.


Featured Plant Groups:
The plant selection at the Extravaganza is constantly growing and changing. The largest and most diverse group is by far the Palms, of which there will be over 300 species available in various different sizes. The plant selection will include genera, species, hybrids, cultivars and varieties representing various plant families from around the world. A large number of Croton cultivars will also be on display as their demand has increased production to new levels. There are always new plants to be added to the selection, as the demand for new, exotic and unusual material remains constant...


Aroids: - Bromeliads:

Butterfly Plants: - Cycads: - Crotons:

Cordylines: - Ferns: - Orchids:

Heliconias, Gingers and other Zingiber order members: -

Tropical Flowering Trees, Shrubs, & Vines:

Succulents & Sansevierias:

Landscape Ornamentals: - Tropical Fruit Trees:

Rare and Unusual Exotic Species:

One-of-a-Kind and Hard-to-Find wonders of the plant world: - … and much more:
There is always a chance a newly cultivated & recently discovered species of tropical plant will make its way into the sales area.


The Sale Flyer:
The nursery will soon mail out sale flyers to everyone on our mailing list. If you are on the mailing list and do not receive one, please let Jeff or myself know. In addition, if you would like to be placed on the mailing list for future Extravaganza flyers, please send a message to Jeff or myself with your address.


Plant Carts:
We do provide a limited number of carts for customers to use, but it is recommended that you bring your own plant shopping conveyance. The carts do go quickly in the morning of each day, soon after the gates open and during busy periods. During the day when they are returned from the holding area or from the parking lot, they are placed back on the concrete pad across from the register area or near the holding area along the main road.



A comfortable Hampton Inn is located within a short driving distance of the nursery. It has been used by our customers, volunteers and family members in the past who travel a long way to reach the 'Ganza and who require a comfortable place to stay. The Hampton Inn Pembroke Pines/Ft. Lauderdale West is located at the intersection of I-75 and Sheridan Street. (see map above...) It is further inside the commercial area connected via NW 146th Avenue off of Sheridan Street and is next door to the Cracker Barrel restaurant. If you like to inquire about the hotel, follow the link below:

Hampton Inn Pembroke Pines - Fort Lauderdale West
Link: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/fllwehx-hampton-ft-lauderdale-west-pembroke-pines/


Previous Extravaganza:

The Fall 'Ganza from last year was immortalized in a Forum topic made a few months back. It was a great fall plant event and it was wonderful to have so many in attendance. We had visitors from all over the country. I have included a link to the sale topic from this past Fall, showing the action from the event.

Fall Extravaganza 2019

Link: https://www.palmtalk.org/forum/index.php?/topic/61805-the-21st-annual-fall-extravaganza-palms-company/




Information and Invitation:

If you need any more details regarding plants, directions, or anything that I have not included above, feel free to contact the nursery, Jeff Searle or myself by the methods listed above. Feel free to post any messages, questions, etc. in this topic. Jeff Searle, I and all the family members and volunteers look forward to meeting everyone including new and familiar Palmtalk Forum members and IPS members at the upcoming Extravaganza. Be sure to find one of us and introduce yourself. You will be sure to find other Forum members at the event as well, possibly walking right past you down an aisle or grabbing for the same plant. The entire Searle family and the mass of volunteers will be waiting to help you find that perfect plant.


We hope to see you there!





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Signs of spring.  

In need of a Palm Fix....will the doctor be present ??

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9 hours ago, waykoolplantz said:

Signs of spring.  

In need of a Palm Fix....will the doctor be present ??

Staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist with your medicinal Palm needs. We will have the plants to help fix any ailment.

Upon entering the shadehouse, open wide and say "Ahhh..."

Dr. Palmarum

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13 hours ago, waykoolplantz said:

Signs of spring.  

In need of a Palm Fix....will the doctor be present ?? 

He said, "Call the doctor
I think I'm gonna crash"
"The doctor say he's coming but you gotta pay in cash"

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14 hours ago, Palmarum said:

Upon entering the shadehouse, open wide and say "Ahhh..."

Dr. Palmarum

The bigger the Ahhh on way in.....the bigger the Owww on the way out

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Btw...if you ain’t nevah seen old folks move fast be at the gate at eight when it opens...and get outta the way

you would think we were rushing to buy wedding dresses or something...but plants..?

Make sure the asylum is locked good next time

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4 hours ago, waykoolplantz said:

you would think we were rushing to buy wedding dresses or something

I've seen pics of your amazing beautiful yard, you need more palms badly enough to rush the gate???? ahahaha      Hmmmm, must be an addiction!

I owned a bridal salon, brides are nuts!  The last month before the wedding you do not want to talk to a bride.

Good thing the Dr. will be there!

She put the lime in the coconut, she called the doctor, woke him up,
And said, "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take,
I say, Doctor, to relieve this belly ache?

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2 hours ago, NOT A TA said:

.... you need more palms badly enough to rush the gate???? ahahaha      Hmmmm, must be an addiction! ...

The addiction is alive and well. I see it at the gate every Friday as it pours through and in every message and email I get prior to that chaotic morning.


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Jeff is known to have sufficient “psychiatric couches” cleverly disguised with wheels and handles but we all rush in to get the most comfortable one. 

Those requiring intensive therapy hope to find a cure...but alas, come fall the addiction will return

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Sale update...

The plant selection process continues. Many of the shadehouses and nursery sections have been visited and perused at least once so far. I am not sure when the plant lists will be ready, perhaps by the end of the week I will retrieve them, but I will get them posted here as soon as I can. I can still answer certain availability questions via messages or emails, so keep sending them in. I will try and get the photos requested, the next time I am out at the nursery.

I did get a request for a preview video of the plant selection, and it is more possible the closer we get to finishing the sale prep. The request did remind me of the videos I took during the Spring 'Ganza in 2014. They were posted on Youtube and along with the topic. Here are a few of those I did on foot during Friday morning...

- The opening at the gate and a bumpy ride back to the shadehouse...

- A quick pan across the sidewalk intersection by the white tent...

- Friday morning continues as the crowd enters the shadehouse. A few familiar faces among the masses, including volunteers Judy Glock and IPS President Ray Hernandez.


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Tracy S

So now you are just teasing us , Ryan. For heavens sake, the sale is in less than a week. Post the plant list already!


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4 hours ago, Tracy S said:

So now you are just teasing us , Ryan. For heavens sake, the sale is in less than a week. Post the plant list already!

It's coming! I just got the list today about two hours ago and I am processing it now. I got permission to post the list here, so when the first draft is ready I will add it here as an attachment.


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Tracy S

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I got the first draft of the Palm & Cycad list ready for viewing. Like I mentioned above, I received both the Palm & Cycad and Croton lists today. Due to the -ahem- demand I received from all directions for the Palm list, I processed that one first. The Croton list will come later, and unless you can not wait for any detail to come forth, send me a message and I shall look for thou's favorite cultivar.

It took longer for the list to get made due to two previous sales and a few delays and interruptions. The list currently stands as a rough draft, literally, as it lacks some polish compared to the finished booklet form. I place the list at 85% complete, (currently 294 taxa) as there are undoubtedly more species, taxa, sizes, etc. to add come this week. I received permission to post the list here, as is, without prices, as it was faster and easier to post it here than it was over at Palmpedia. During the coming week of setup I can hunt down more photo requests and get prices on certain things if you send me a message or email. Every plant will be priced by the time the sale opens, with a lavender tag, a price on the sign, or a price written on the pot.

Palm & Cycad list - draft 2-29-20 (Happy Leap Day) - ExpFile_PalmCycadS20.pdf

As changes to the list occur, such as species additions, deletions, size changes, etc., I will post a newer draft of the same list with the changes at the bottom. I figure I will post both a finished draft (to highlight all the changes) and a booklet version when it is ready (names all sorted).


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Tracy S

We slept last night all snug in our beds, while visions of palm trees danced in our heads.

Santa and the elves slaved all night, to deliver the list  that will make our gardens a delight.

Thank you Ryan. We all appreciate the work you do to keep our palm dreams alive.


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Just now, Tracy S said:

We slept last night all snug in our beds, while visions of palm trees danced in our heads.

Santa and the elves slaved all night, to deliver the list  that will make our gardens a delight. ...

Great melody, it will be a palmy Xmas carol from now on.


I have the first draft of the Croton list ready for viewing. There may be one or two more additions in the coming week leading up to the sale.

Croton List - 3-1-20 draft - ExpFile_CrotonS20.pdf

I believe most, if not all, are in three gallon-sized pots. They will be tagged and priced by Friday morning.


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- A quick stroll through the Palms... A couple photos from within the shadehouse, showing about half of the palms. These were just the plants pulled from the main shadehouse. More were still on their way from other locations in the nursery.


- The selection of table gallons (and more) are in the process of being formed. More to be added likely. Some come off the tables, others go back on, they are sorted, moved around, etc. it's certainly a process.



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- Further down the sidewalk. The larger plants have been spaced out, waiting for the other material to be pulled and added.


- Outside along the main road, the landscape plants are getting placed into their individual groups. The challenge is to get them all into the section without running out of space. (B) Way down by the holding area, Jeff sits in his golf cart writing a lot of tags.



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Sale update...

I have been getting emails and messages regarding the above attached versions of the Palm & Cycad and Croton lists. Viewers have been having difficulty accessing and perusing the attached files. I figured on posting the final version as an posted list, but the demand seems to be too high at the moment. So here is the same Palm & Cycad list posted above as an attachment. I will post changes to the list afterwards.


Searle Brothers Nursery Inc. &

The Rainforest Collection®


The 22nd Annual Spring ‘Ganza

March 6th, 7th, 8th, - 13th, 14th, 15th - 2020

Palm & Cycad List

Draft: 2-29-20 – 294 taxa at present.

Genus Species Sizes

Acanthophoenix crinita #7

Acanthophoenix rubra #1

Actinokentia divaricata #3

Adonidia merrillii var. 'variegated' #1

Aiphanes erosa = minima

Aiphanes minima #3

Aiphanes vincentiana = minima

Allagoptera caudescens #1

Allagoptera leucocalyx #7, #15

Alsmithia longipes = Heterospathe longipes

Archontophoenix myolensis et al.

Archontophoenix purpurea #1, #3

Areca alba = catechu cv. alba

Areca aliceae = triandra

Areca caliso #15

Areca catechu #3, #7

Areca catechu cv. alba #7

Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #3

Areca catechu var. 'Semi Dwarf' #15

Areca concinna #7, #15

Areca guppyana = novohibernica

Areca latiloba = montana

Areca macrocalyx var. 'Mariae' #3, #7

Areca montana 4in, #1, #3, #7

Areca novohibernica #7

Areca oxycarpa #1

Areca recurvata = montana (4in, #3)

Areca subacaulis #1

Areca triandra #1

Areca vestiaria #1, #7a, #7b

Areca vestiaria var. 'Maroon Leaf' #7

Arenga caudata #3

Arenga pinnata #1

Arenga undulatifolia #7

Astrocaryum vulgare #1

Attalea butyracea #1

Basselinia eriostachys #1

Basselinia pancheri #7

Beccariophoenix fenestralis #7

Beccariophoenix madagascariensis (old) = fenestralis

Beccariophoenix sp. 'Windows' = fenestralis

Bentinckia condapanna #1

Bismarckia nobilis et al.

Borassodendron borneense #7

Borassodendron machadonis #1, #7

Brahea dulcis #1

Brassiophoenix drymophloeoides #7

Burretiokentia hapala #15

Burretiokentia vieillardii #7, #15

Calamus aruensis #3

Calyptrocalyx aff. fasciculatus #7

Calyptrocalyx albertisianus #3

Calyptrocalyx elegans var. 'Mara' #1

Calyptrocalyx forbesii #3

Calyptrocalyx hollrungii #1

Calyptrocalyx lauterbachianus #7

Calyptrocalyx pachystachys #1, #3

Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus 4in, #1, #3, #7

Calyptrocalyx sp. #3

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Boalak' #1, #3, #7

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Kal Keiyik' #15

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Mara' = Calyptrocalyx elegans var. 'Mara'

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Sanumb' #7, #10

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'South Nauru Island' #3

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Yamu-Tumune' = yamutumene

Calyptrocalyx spicatus #3, #7

Calyptrocalyx stenochista = forbesii

Calyptrocalyx yamutumene #1, #3

Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana #7

Calyptrogyne sarapiquensis = ghiesbreghtiana

Carpoxylon macrospermum #1, CP(19), #3, #7, #20

Caryota gigas = obtusa

Caryota mitis #3, et al.

Caryota monostachya #3

Caryota obtusa #1, #3

Caryota ophiopellis #1

Chamaedorea arenbergiana #3

Chamaedorea cataractarum et al.

Chamaedorea deckeriana #3

Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii #3

Chamaedorea glaucifolia #7

Chamaedorea hooperiana #7

Chamaedorea klotzschiana #1

Chamaedorea metallica #7

Chamaedorea oblongata #1

Chamaedorea seifrizii #7

Chamaedorea woodsoniana #1

Chambeyronia macrocarpa #1, #7, #15a, #15b

Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri #7

Chelyocarpus chuco #7

Chuniophoenix hainanensis #1, #3, #7

Chuniophoenix humilis = nana

Chuniophoenix nana #3, #7

Clinostigma ponapense #15

Clinostigma samoense #7

Clinostigma savoryanum #3

Coccothrinax argentea #15

Coccothrinax borhidiana #3

Coccothrinax clarensis #1

Coccothrinax crinita #7

Coccothrinax crinita subsp. brevicrinis #3

Coccothrinax crinita × borhidiana #3

Coccothrinax littoralis #3

Coccothrinax macroglossa #7

Coccothrinax moaensis #1

Coccothrinax sp. 'Azul' = macroglossa

Coccothrinax × 'Borhidi Hybrid' #7

Cocos nucifera cv. 'Malayan Green' et al.

Cocos nucifera cv. 'Red Dwarf Spicata' #15

Copernicia baileyana #1, #7

Copernicia fallaensis #20

Copernicia gigas #7

Copernicia hospita #3

Copernicia prunifera #7

Corypha utan #1

Cryosophila albida = warscewiczii

Cryosophila warscewiczii #7, #15

Cycas revoluta #7

Cyphophoenix alba #7

Cyphophoenix elegans #15

Cyphophoenix nucele #1, #7, #20

Cyphosperma naboutinense #1, #15

Cyphosperma trichospadix #3

Cyrtostachys loriae #3, #7, #15a, #15b

Cyrtostachys renda #1, #7, #15

Cyrtostachys sp. 'Hybrid' #15

Deckenia nobilis #1

Drymophloeus subdistichus = Veitchia subdisticha

Dypsis albofarinosa #3

Dypsis ampasindavae #3

Dypsis arenarum #3, #7

Dypsis basilonga #10

Dypsis cabadae #1, #45

Dypsis carlsmithii #7

Dypsis concinna #1

Dypsis dransfieldii #3

Dypsis fibrosa #3

Dypsis florencei = mirabilis

Dypsis forficifolia #1

Dypsis heteromorpha #7

Dypsis hovomantsina #3

Dypsis ifanadianae #1

Dypsis lastelliana #10

Dypsis leptocheilos #15

Dypsis lutescens #3, et al.

Dypsis mananjarensis #7, #15

Dypsis minuta #1

Dypsis mirabilis #1

Dypsis onilahensis var. 'Weepy Form' #3

Dypsis ovobontsira #7

Dypsis paludosa = mirabilis

Dypsis pembana #7, #15

Dypsis pembana var. 'Solitary' #1

Dypsis pilulifera #7

Dypsis prestoniana #3, #10

Dypsis psammophila #3

Dypsis rosea #1

Dypsis saintelucei #3, #7

Dypsis sp. 'Jurassic Park' = pilulifera

Dypsis sp. 'Lafazamanga' #3, #7

Dypsis sp. 'Pink Crown' = rosea

Dypsis sp. 'White Crownshaft' = albofarinosa

Dypsis utilis #7

Euterpe oleracea #3a, #3b

Euterpe precatoria var. 'Variegated' #3

Euterpe sp. 'Orange Crownshaft' #1

Gronophyllum pinangoides = Hydriastele pinangoides

Hemithrinax ekmaniana #1

Heterospathe brevicaulis #7, #15

Heterospathe cagayanensis #3

Heterospathe longipes #7

Heterospathe negrosensis #7

Heterospathe uniformis #7

Hydriastele beguinii #10

Hydriastele beguinii var. 'Obi Island Form' #15

Hydriastele dransfieldii #1, #7, #10

Hydriastele pinangoides #1, #3

Hydriastele rostrata = wendlandiana

Hydriastele sp. 'Highland Form' #7

Hydriastele sp. 'Highland P.N.G.' #1

Hydriastele wendlandiana #3, #7

Hyophorbe indica #7

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis et al.

Hyophorbe verschaffeltii #3, #10, et al.

Iguanura ambigua #1

Iguanura geonomiformis #2

Iriartea deltoidea #1

Itaya amicorum #3, #15

Johannesteijsmannia altifrons #1

Johannesteijsmannia magnifica #3

Johannesteijsmannia perakensis #3

Kentiopsis oliviformis #1, #7, #15, #20

Kentiopsis pyriformis #3, #7, #15, #20

Kerriodoxa elegans #3, #7

Lanonia acaulis #1

Lanonia centralis #1

Lanonia dasyantha #3, #7

Lepidozamia peroffskyana #7

Licuala dasyantha = Lanonia dasyantha

Licuala distans #3, #7

Licuala dransfieldii = ridleyana

Licuala fordiana #7

Licuala grandis #3, #7a, #7b

Licuala mattanensis 'Mapu' 4in

Licuala montana #3

Licuala naumannii #1, #3

Licuala paludosa #3, #7

Licuala peekelii #7

Licuala peltata #1, #3

Licuala peltata var. sumawongii #1, #3, #7

Licuala ramsayi #7

Licuala ridleyana #7

Licuala rumphii #7, #15

Licuala sallehana #1

Licuala sp. 'Fairchild Garden' #1

Licuala sp. 'Yal Bral' = Lanonia acaulis

Licuala spinosa #3, #15

Licuala thoana #3

Livistona robinsoniana = Saribus rotundifolius

Livistona rotundifolia = Saribus rotundifolius

Livistona rotundifolia var. luzonensis = S. rotundifolius

Lytocaryum hoehnei = Syagrus hoehnei

Lytocaryum weddellianum = Syagrus weddelliana

Mauritia flexuosa #3, #7

Neoveitchia storckii #7

Nephrosperma vanhoutteanum #7

Normanbya normanbyi #1

Oenocarpus mapora #1

Orania decipiens var. montana = palindan

Orania palindan #7a, #7b

Orania sylvicola #3

Orania trispatha #1

Oraniopsis appendiculata #7

Pelagodoxa henryana #15

Phoenicophorium borsigianum #3

Phoenix roebelenii et al.

Pinanga coronata #15

Pinanga coronata var. 'blunt, thin leaflet form' #15

Pinanga fractiflexa* #7

Pinanga kuhlii = coronata

Pinanga philippinensis #3

Pinanga sp. #1 #7

Pinanga sp. #2 #10

Pinanga sp. 'Thai Mottled' #3, #7

Pinanga speciosa #1, #3

Polyandrococos caudescens = Allagoptera caudescens

Ponapea ledermanniana #3

Pritchardia hillebrandii #3, #25

Pritchardia schattaueri #7

Pritchardia vuylstekeana #3

Ptychosperma cuneatum #7, #15

Ptychosperma elegans et al.

Ptychosperma lauterbachii #3

Ptychosperma ledermannianum = Ponapea

Ptychosperma macarthurii #7

Ptychosperma schefferi #15

Ptychosperma sp. 'Wotoboho' #1, #3

Ptychosperma waitianum #1, #7

Ravenea dransfieldii #15

Ravenea glauca #15

Ravenea hildebrandtii #3

Reinhardtia latisecta #3

Reinhardtia latisecta var. 'Compacta' #1

Rhapidophyllum hystrix #1

Rhapis excelsa #7

Rhapis excelsa cv. nana 'Super Dwarf' #2

Rhapis humilis #7

Rhapis multifida = humilis

Rhapis sp. 'cochinensis' #1

Rhopaloblaste augusta #1

Rhopaloblaste elegans #1

Roscheria melanochaetes #7

Roystonea oleracea #1

Salacca magnifica #7

Salacca zalacca #3

Saribus rotundifolius #3

Satakentia liukiuensis #1, #3, #7

Schippia concolor #3

Siphokentia beguinii = Hydriastele beguinii

Siphokentia dransfieldii = Hydriastele dransfieldii

Syagrus hoehnei #3

Syagrus weddelliana #7

Thrinax radiata #3, #10

Trachycarpus takil #3

Veillonia alba = Cyphophoenix alba

Veitchia arecina et al.

Veitchia montgomeryana = arecina

Veitchia sp. = arecina

Veitchia subdisticha #3

Verschaffeltia splendida #7, #20

Wodyetia bifurcata #3, #7, et al.

Zamia inermis #1, #7

Zamia standleyi #3

Zombia antillarum #3



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Ditto the above idea, but with the Croton list.


Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. &

The Rainforest Collection ®

The 22nd Annual Spring ‘Ganza

March 6th, 7th, 8th – 13th, 14th, 15th - 2020

Croton List

Draft – (3-1-20) - 100 cultivars

Common Name



American Made

Baron Le Compté





Captain Gilbert Cutler

Catherine Gephart

Caution Light




Colonel Bob Bullock



Compté de Germiny




Cover Girl

Cutlers Gulfstream

Davis #7



Dr. Lin Yu Tang


Dreer #7


Florida Sunset R.K.

Franklin Roosevelt

From Dr. -Unknown-

Geisha Girl

General Lawrence


Go Reds


Heat Wave


Her Highness


High Energy

Hot & Steamy

Joe Friday

Jungle Queen

Lady Claire

Lord Bellhaven

Louis Dupuy

Lover's Night

Madame Fernand Kohl


Major Stewart

Maximum (Bender #2)

Mona Lisa


Mother's Day

Mrs. Iceton

Norman Rockwell

Ortega's Hybrid


Pink Davis

Plaid Oak


Pop's Yard

President Reagan

Pride of Winter Haven

Prince Phillip

Princess Eugenia

Queen Elizabeth

Queen of Siam


Red Excurrens

Red Foot



Royal Flush



Show Girl

Son of Joe Friday

Sunny Star


Sweet Looking


The Clown


Thomas Edison


Tropical Feel


Unknown 'From Mike'

Van Buren

Victor Lemoine

W. F. Dreer


Wild Dreams

Yellow Croc

Yellow Fin

Yellow Mrs. Iceton



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List update...

I have changes to the Palm & Cycad list as of today, Tuesday. After going through the selection with a second tier checklist, I found a few things to change to the list. There could still be more in the days ahead. I know of a few maybe plants that might make the list. We shall see. The plants are still getting their tags and prices, but I can hunt down the plants and get prices if you send me a message or email.



(size) Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #10

(reinstated species) Areca recurvata 4in, #3

(size) Clinostigma samoense #20

Dypsis lanceolata #15

(size) Dypsis pembana var. 'Solitary' #15

Pinanga adangensis #7

(size) Pinanga sp. #10

(size) Adonidia merrillii var. 'variegated' #10

Adonidia merrillii et al.

Chamaerops humilis #7

(size) Coccothrinax crinita subsp. brevicrinis #25

Copernicia × vespertilionum #25

Copernicia sp. #3

Coccothrinax montana #3

Coccothrinax gracilis #7

Pseudophoenix sargentii #7



Copernicia baileyana (changed to) = Copernicia baileyana var. 'Silver'



(removed sizes) Areca montana 4in, #3

Pinanga sp. (#2) #10



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Thanks Ryan

1.  Reach deep under mattress for a handful

2. Pay down credit card

3. Borrow or rent something bigger...you know you want that bigger palm

4. Therapy session for the truly addicted begins at 8:00 Friday...first sale of ther year !

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List and Sale update...

Palms here, palms there, palms everywhere. The sale is coming together. Wednesday was warm and there was action throughout the nursery, not a single motionless golf cart, tractor or loader all day. The day had its delays and interruptions, however. I have a list of photo requests and I will try and get them by tomorrow. Searching, browsing and exploration resulted in more plants being pulled, namely more Palms. I have the list changes to post below. There might me more plants pulled tomorrow, but I foresee only a few, if any, and they will be the plants famously known as "unlisted specials"

- I will post the Final version of the list, or the booklet/sales list version as an attachment. It will include all the changes and additions posted here and above.


Wednesday 3-4-20 List modifications...


(size) Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #65

(size) Calyptrocalyx hollrungii #7

(size) Corypha utan #3

(size) Neoveitchia storckii #25

(size) Rhapidophyllum hystrix #7

Attalea cohune #7

Borassus aethiopum #25

Cocos nucifera cv. 'Samoan Dwarf' #7

Corypha umbraculifera #45

Dioon edule #3

Dictyosperma album #3

Dictyosperma album var. conjugatum #25

Dypsis decaryi #3

Latania loddigesii #7

Latania verschaffeltii #7

Zamia furfuracea #3

Zamia loddigesii #3



Burretiokentia hapala #15 (changed to) = #25

Copernicia sp. #3 (changed to) = Copernicia yarey #3



(removed size) Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf' #3

(removed size) Calyptrocalyx sp. 'Boalak' #7



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List and Sale update...

Wow. What a day setting up the sale. -stretches as far as possible- [something pops] Oops.

It was a warm day for early March, but the weather will be getting cooler for the weekend. We got just... got... about... everything ready. The morning tomorrow will be busy getting the odds and ends together, but the vast majority of plants have been pulled, signs put out, everything has been tagged and priced. Nearly ran out of sign stakes and almost had to use clothespins as the clips were running out. Whew. Every nook and cranny of the sales area has been packed with plants. The shadehouse has become Palm central, as the sidewalk and areas outside are loaded with 315 taxa, spread across over 400 size groups. We were working late doing the finishing touches until tomorrow morning. Didn't have any time to do photos, just too busy and too hectic.

For the palm & cycad list, it is complete. No changes or additions for it, so everything posted above is everything. There might be some "unlisted specials" floating about though. I polished off the booklet/sale list and made a final version which includes all the changes and modifications already posted above. I have included it here as an attachment.

- Final Draft - Palm & Cycad sale list/booklet - ExpFile_PalmCycadS20.pdf

The Croton list posted above is also complete. To my knowledge, no other cultivars were pulled or added, but that doesn't mean that any others might have found their way to the section.

The 'Ganza stands ready to greet those seeking Palm fulfillment in any way, shape, or form. We hope to see you there. B)


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The first weekend has past and what a weekend...

Despite the wild changes in weather, the turnout was exceptional. We went from record heat on Thursday, to a strong threat of rain on Friday morning. The rain turned out to be nothing more than a fizzle, but it looked impressive as one would be driving west to the nursery, total darkness. I was in a hurry myself that morning, as it looked like it was going to pour. It was more dark clouds than anything, as the front shifted more to the north, sparing the nursery from any noticeable rainfall. Later on Friday, the winds came and they stayed. Saturday morning was in the middle 50'sºF (12ºC), a surprise to be sure, but created some great weather for a plant sale. The winds increased all day Saturday and into Sunday. We knew it was going to be windy and even though precautions were taken, the wind was a pain, especially for exposed skin as it made it felt much colder.

The Palm and plant selection was shopped, hit, perused and thinned out dramatically. We managed to restock as needed, but only where we could. To fill holes along the sidewalk, unlisted items were pulled and tagged for the fun of it. Many sold but some still remain. During this interstitial space between weekends, more Palms and plants are being pulled where possible. I know the Croton selection, although thin as it was a Spring sale, was hit particularly hard. As I get updates during the 4-day week, I will try and post them here.

Post inquiries here or send me messages or emails if you want to know if a certain species or size is still available, or if it may even be pulled.


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I had time during the slow Sunday afternoon to take some photo requests. Although late, they still might be beneficial to those who plan on attending during the second weekend.

- Cyrtostachys renda, the illustrious Red Sealing Wax Palm - 1 gal. $35.00 - 7 gal. $300.00 - 15 gal. $800.00 - The 15-gallon specimen has a lot of deep red coloration. It seemed to be more intense than usual for a plant of that size. We had to restock the 7-gallon sizes, with one remaining at the moment, and quite a few of the one-gallon size came and went. The popularity of this palm transcends the palm or tropical plant world. Customers recognize it from vacations, design shows, videos, etc. even without knowing its name.

DSC_0377.thumb.JPG.7559d63d287782c928a87fe97a54bfc9.JPG DSC_0379.thumb.JPG.2ce46e165271eb0509fbed208b4f7684.JPG


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- Areca vestiaria var. 'Maroon Leaf' - 7 gal. $200.00 - 4-inch $15.00 - This is the third seven gallon-sized plant pulled and was still sitting in its spot along the sidewalk as of late on Sunday. It was featuring a new maroon leaf, which had started to fade a bit. It is also currently solitary, and will more than likely stay that way. When specimens get past the 3-gallon size, they tend to keep their current form. We had a mass of 4-inch-sized plants in the tray and we had eight left at the time I took the photo.



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- Calyptrocalyx sp. - 3 gal. $60.00 - A classic, unknown 'spuh' representing the always complex and variable genus Calyptrocalyx. I do not know if it ever had an identity and it was lost, or was unidentified to begin with, but either way, we can not say what it is without much certainty. The leaves are splitting too much for C. hollrungii and other undivided leaf species, even variable ones. Might be a runty C. sp. 'Kal Keiyik' but we never had a second generation after the initial ones, which are now 15 gallon-sized plants. C. sp. 'Sanumb' should be more robust at this size. As it grows larger its true identity may be discovered. We had two specimens initially, the first sold Friday morning I believe.

DSC_0382.thumb.JPG.48479c46cd7cc9b29b6d6e1a0416afd2.JPG DSC_0383.thumb.JPG.13b2044353b3f84864d88dccb5cc923b.JPG


*Many of the photo requested species were sold out by Sunday. If any are restocked before the second weekend I will try and get photos of them, or at least try and mention them in the topic. I will have an idea as to any more pulled 'unlisted specials' for the second weekend, so if you are attending and want to know what they are and where to find them, find me and I should have a report to give. -crosses fingers-


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Sale update...

I got a bit of an update today from Jeff, who said he has pulled more Palms, more so in different sizes. This includes a few 'new' sizes of existing species that were on the list. More exotic flowering shrubs were pulled and placed in the sales area; this includes a couple new species and/or varieties that were not out on display during the first weekend. This was due to lack of space in the sales area, which is now a little easier to come by on the second weekend. The landscape ornamentals were restocked, the Bromeliads were "refreshed", some other groups like Fruit Trees, Orchids and Tropical Foliage plants were hit particularly hard and were lightly restocked if at all.

Jeff was still pulling plants when he and I chatted and will more than likely continue to do so tomorrow, as the second Friday usually has its slow periods. He does like to place some surprise plants for the second weekend, sometimes hiding them in the selection. No idea what these plants could be, as I wouldn't know until I find them. The weather should be incredible for the entire weekend. Keep sending in the messages and emails, as I will double check for requested plants tomorrow for those customers who plan on attending during the second weekend.


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  • Similar Content

    • Palmarum
      By Palmarum
      Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. & The Rainforest Collection® presented (barely)...
      The 22nd Annual Spring Plant Extravaganza!
      March 6th, 7th, 8th, - 13th, 14th, 15th - 2020
      It is amazing how much of a difference a few weeks can make. A month ago, most of us behind the organization of the Spring 'Ganza were busy pulling plants, setting up sale stuff and otherwise had our noses buried deep in palms. News of the outbreak was still scantly covered in South Florida, with reports stating that it was mostly going on elsewhere, with the activity level at the south end of the state, and of the sale, seemingly unaffected. This was slowly changing during the week leading up to the first sale weekend. We kept one eye on the news and the other on the plants.
      Prior to the Spring Extravaganza, the nursery had attended two very successful plant sales, one in Key West, the other in Ft. Myers. Both events drew heavily on the plant selection and both depleted the selection just as heavily. There were more than enough Palms available for the Spring 'Ganza, but the prior two sales did make a dent in quantity across the Palm family and other plant groups -- namely Crotons, which were a target of many during the two sales (especially in Ft. Myers, which is a Croton haven). There were over 315 Palm taxa (species, varieties, hybrids) available at the opening 'bell' on Friday morning. Some were represented by one size, others as many as five different sizes; from 4-inch to 200 gallon and most sizes in between. Certain taxa were present in the sales area in large numbers or blocks, while others had only a single plant residing on a table, with the duty to hold up its sign by itself. There were of course, a few unlisted specials that didn't make the sale list, but not many. Throughout the sales area, the different sections were packed with material. Every section had new species or varieties. I lost track of how many cards (or signs) were put out, but it was a lot. I ran out of stakes and almost ran out of clips. The total content of material was just about record-breaking for a Spring 'Ganza (except for Crotons).
      Friday, March 6th
      - 7:55AM - The morning of the first Friday was a mess from my point of view. I was running way behind schedule by the time I made it to the nursery. I had to make a stop beforehand, which I usually never do, so I was rushing through everything after I squeezed through the gate. As a bonus, as I was heading out the door on my way to the early stop, the news announced that the first cases of COVID-19 had been reported in Florida, at this time it was two cases near Central Florida. The sense of "Oh crap" was carried to the nursery. On my way west through Broward County, I noticed a thick line of dark clouds further to the west, seeming to heading right for the nursery (and the 'Ganza). The sense of "Oh crap" had strengthened to "Oh shit" as I drove faster hoping to beat the rain to the nursery. I had a lot of material with me that could not get wet. I managed to get to the nursery and to the shadehouse's white tent without getting rained upon, as it seemed the rain had shifted to the north somewhat. I rushed to set up the pre-sale stuff the best I could and grabbed my camera to head to the gate. I took a few 'bookend' photos of the area in front of the tent to start the process...

      - Normally, when I have the time, I like to photograph the sidewalk area in the main shadehouse to get an overall look of the Palm selection before it gets attacked. Clean sidewalk, all the Palms in their spots, signs all ready, etc. But this time I had to defer as the sale opening was upon me. I took one shot in front of the tent, showing the Dwarf Betel Nut Palms, Areca catechu var. 'Dwarf', on the left and the Red Sealing Wax Palms, Cyrtostachys renda, on the right. (B) I did an immediate 180º turn, took another photo looking back up the sidewalk and then headed that way. Those red spots in the distance are red shirts belonging to volunteers Judy & Jim Glock. They were going ahead of me to the sales area entrance to greet customers.

      - 7:57AM - I knew I was going to be late to catch the crowd coming in, but I had to try. As I exited the shadehouse and made the turn, Kylie Searle was heading towards me, letting everyone know the customers were coming. We were both moving fast as I took the photo. I kept this shot as it gives an idea of how dark the skies were. They were much darker just ten minutes earlier. (B,C) I reached the holding area and caught a partial crowd making their way to the sales area. Shooting from the hip, I photographed through golf carts to capture Jim Glock greeting customers. The initial crowd through the gate was smaller than usual, but there were a lot of cars parked outside. I figured the dark clouds either kept some in their vehicles or delayed those making their way to the nursery.

      - Like usual, the first group of arriving customers dispersed and headed off in all directions. I turned around and followed a few of the initial customers to the shadehouse entrance. Judy Glock was following them in as well, heading to the Croton section to assist collectors in finding their most wanted cultivars. (B) The shadehouse entrance became a parking lot in seconds. The cloud cover was still apparent as it cut the light to low levels, making a speedy customer, croton-in-hand, blur as he moved to his cart.

      A link back to the Spring 'Ganza topic in the For-Sale sub-forum: Spring Extravaganza - For-Sale Topic
    • Palmarum
      By Palmarum
      Naples Zoo 2nd Annual Exotic Palm & Tropical Plant Sale
      Saturday & Sunday – April 11th & 12th 2020
      Organized by Searle Brothers Nursery Inc. & The Rainforest Collection® in cooperation with the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens
      More information to come later via a For-Sale topic...
    • Palmarum
      By Palmarum
      Edison & Ford Winter Estates
      Spring Garden Festival
      February 8th & 9th, 2020
      Fort Myers, Florida

      Link to Estate website: https://www.edisonfordwinterestates.org/events/garden-festival-2/
      For the third time (overall) Searle Brothers Nursery, Inc. and The Rainforest Collection® will be attending the Garden Festival at the historic Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Ft. Myers, Florida. This is our first time exhibiting at the Spring version of the Festival. The term Spring is used lightly, as it is the second weekend in February, but this event was scheduled to coincide with Thomas Edison's birthday (February 11th). The Fall Festival was just two months and one week ago, so it feels as if we were just there. It is probably the shortest-spaced Spring/Fall plant event in S. Florida. Our second Fall Festival was incredible, and even better than our first the year before. We were so busy I took few photos. We have been told by staff members and other vendors that the Spring Festival is often the larger and busier of the two.
      This topic was started a little late, as this is a crazy time of the year and this is one of the earliest plant sales we have ever done. The global plant trade show known as T.P.I.E was just last week and everyone got sick from it, blah.. myself included. As the sickness wanes and the room stops spinning, we are beginning to think of what plants to bring to the show. No surprise, Palms will be the featured plant group, with specimens of all sizes, with emphasis on bringing as many different species as we can. Crotons will also have a major spot in the booth, as they have a historical importance throughout the Edison Estate. The selection process is still fluid and changing every day, until the plants are loaded next week. We are taking any suggestions for what plants or plant groups to bring. If you think of anything, post it here or send a message. We are also taking advance sales on material we are bringing, plus we are doing Pre-orders on plants that we can bring across the state for those who are interested. To inquire about a Pre-order, contact Jeff Searle directly at the following methods...
      phone: (954) 658-4317 (or) email: palms@rainforestcollection.com
      Questions? Ideas? Post them here. Whenever I find out more info about what plants we are bringing I will try and post it here before the show.
      Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/RPRekH4pDQK2
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