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Sabal minor 'Welfare' & Sabal minor 'High Springs'

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I collect rare specimens of the variable Sabal minor, esp. those that are dwarfs or uber dwarfs. I got many of those from Plant Delights Nursery, which offers Sabal palms sporadically, sometimes as one-off sales. When they have one I want, I know to order quickly because it may never be offered again. Such is the case for two different Sabal minors I pounced upon nearly two years ago and haven't seen since. I have them in my garden lot where they have gone pinnate. Today I took photos of them. They are quite distinct.

Sabal minor 'Welfare', Texas aka the "Poor Scrub" palmetto

This palm occurs as a population in grasslands near the ghost town of Welfare in Kendall County, TX. Some plants will grow trunks up to 8' tall. The juvenile I have is approx. 2' tall x 2' wide. Check out the link to PDN below:




Sabal minor 'High Springs', FL

This dwarf Sabal minor comes from the town of High Springs in Alachua County, FL. It is distinctive for being very short, 2' tall, and wide, 4' wide. Leaf pinnae are notably narrow. Flower stalks reach 7' tall.

See link to PDN catalog below:



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The one from Welfare, Texas has a nice blue Hue to it. That’s not too far outside San Antonio, maybe members with a little extra time can find and collect seed.

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