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Trachycarpus seedling transplant?

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Hello all,

I found a gorgeous little baby at a specialty greenhouse near me. Should I transplant since her little roots are poking through?



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Probably wouldn't hurt.  Congrats!  Or wait till warmer weather if you're planting it in ground?

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I would be slicing that pot to ribbons with a box cutter and going up a size.

A lot of successful (I was going to say pot growers) palm growers who use pots, advocate 'a smaller pot is usually better.'  

Even if it didn't need a bigger pot, I find them difficult to position and manage with the roots vulnerable like that. 

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      I’m hoping someone can help with the ID of this Trachycarpus. It was amongst a group of T fortunei at a non palm specialist nursery but clearly different. Compared to the others, it is much more squat and thick in stature, has thick leathery leaflets, wider leaflets and a glaceous white/blue underside of leaflets which is from a wax that can be wiped off. Petioles are rough but not clearly armed. The leaflets also seem to be arranged split in pairs which matches T geminisectus, so I bought it but surely to get a geminisectus from a group of fortunei is too good to be true. Any ideas? I haven’t seen young T latisectus but from what I’ve read that could also fit? Or is it just an extreme variation of fortunei?

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      Interesting trachycarpus. Is this some form or ordinary T. fortunei? Photo taken in Yalta, Crimea.

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        I'm sorry for the lack of pictures.  I hope to put a close up on here later.  I planted a 15 gal T. fortunei this spring and it has been doing well.  The past 2 weeks the days have been in the 50-60s and the nights 38-50degrees.  I have been noticing that the frond tips are starting to turn yellow.  Should this be a concern?  The new spears are still emerging and look great.  We have had a couple of light frosts but I was going to hold off on my winter protection until the nights are consistently below freezing.   Thanks! 
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      In spring 2016 I planted my hardy palmtrees om open land. They had been in potts before due to the fact that we were moving and my old garden wasn't perfect for palms.
      When they were planted I took a photo. And this is how small they were.
      Since its dark and raining now I will take a new pic tomorrow to be able to show you how they have grown.
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