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    • Little Tex
      By Little Tex
      Found This palm survived unprotected in Southern Humble Texas
      There was 2 queens one died, and dead washingtonia next to it which makes it remarkable this one survived.

    • jdl
      By jdl
      First winter with palm trees. My sylvesters had a good bit of freeze damage but there’s still green in the middle of both so they’re still alive. I’m pretty sure most of the damage is now over because it is starting to get warmer.
      But I need to know exactly how I should treat this in Spring.
      Should I cut off everything except for the meristem on both palms? And should I spray fungicide in them or is there no need to? 
      (The photos of when they were green is for reference of how badly they were burned in the cold)
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I woke up to news Cape Coral has been issued a freeze warning for overnight Sunday - thanks, Alexa. Gets better and better all the time. I got nearly a 1/2 acre densely planted with palms that haven't experienced lows below 40F in 5-6 years or more and nothing below 37F since 2010. If my bad luck holds it may be the end of the world for many of them. But if my luck changes for the better and the forecast lays an egg you won't find me complaining.
      But to focus my anxiety I went out and took "Before" photos for future reference. Up until a week ago, winter had been deceptively benign. I know, you really can't fool Mother Nature.
      I'll start with our Back Yard Jungle, aka "World's Smallest Jungle." It is situated facing south on a little ridge overlooking the equally distinguished "Isabelle Canal", our 80' wide freshwater canal (fact: Cape Coral  is home to 400 miles of salt- and freshwater canals, basins, weirs, boat locks and lakes that earn it the monikers "Venice of the South" and "Water Wonderland"). The back of our house shields the jungle from north winds. The winter sun moderates incoming cold fronts - usually.
      "World's Smallest Jungle", Cape Coral, FL, Jan. 2022

      Dypsis malcomberi

      Areca catechu semi-dwarf

      Dictyosperma album

      Adonidia merrillii Golden Form

      Pritchardia pacifica

      Monster Archonotophoenix cunninghamiana

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      So far to date, this winter storm is undoubtedly the biggest event so far in Europe this season. Excluding the unseasonably warm spell for western and central Europe back in late December / early January, there hasn't been much else for us to talk about. However, this snowfall event is certainly significant and more than likely record breaking for Greece and Turkey. Northern Syria got hit pretty bad too, as did eastern Europe in general. I certainly don't recall many of these areas getting hit this bad before. It must be the worst snow storm to hit the Med region in several decades, surely?
      Starting with Greece, this was Athens on Monday afternoon, before things got real bad there...
      However this is Athens tonight, after it snowed all day long... absolutely crazy scenes!
      The islands in the Greek Med got hit as well, especially Mykonos...
      The honeymoon island of Santorini like you have never seen it before...
      Turkey also got hit hard. Check out these scenes in Istanbul! 2-3 foot of snow in places...
      This is one of the main highways into Istanbul...
      This same weather system has dumped a lot of snow on northern Syria as well. There are literally millions of refugees that are living in tents with blizzards and -5C temps...
      Here's the system responsible...
    • James Robert
      By James Robert
      Have a question, I have some 2' to 3' windmill palms in the ground, here in Greenville SC.
      What is a easy way to protect from freeze.
      Is there something I can buy local. Thanks
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