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Coccothrinax macroglossa 'Azul' update

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In 2007 I bought a few seedlings from Floribunda (they came from RPS originally) and grew them for 3 years before donating them to the Koko Crater Botanical Garden, O'ahu. Then they were too young to show any of the promised glaucous colour.

I recently got to see them again 10 years later, established at the garden. I was delighted to see them, but rather let down by how green the leaves are. The undersides are a wonderful silver but the tops are mostly green with a very light glaucous sheen.

Did anyone else have theirs turn out green? I have recently seen a few growers here with ones that turned out blue (hooray!). Is there variation in habitat with respect to leaf colour or is it possible that the seeds were from a non-glaucous population?

If you're growing seeds from this batch or the 'Azul' type, please feel free to post your pics and or tell us how you've got on with yours.



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